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Halo Infinite Season 2, Square Enix Sale, And Trek To Yomi Review | GI Show

In this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, the crew discusses the new maps and modes in Halo Infinite Season 2, Square Enix selling their western studios for an ostensibly modest price, and the dichotomy of Trek To Yomi’s disappointing…

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  1. Ooh, how very interesting, you don't see too many games about Izanagi and Izanami; guess I'll have to check out Trek to Yomi sometime ?

  2. Hehehe, Square Enix is probably regretting their decision to sell their Western studios after the NFT market started to collapse; serves them right ?

  3. Love Game Informer but the cast is getting a bit blah. Content is still great but losing interest based on personalities presenting. Just my opinion, I know I’m one of thousands.

  4. Funny you opened Halo Infinite with "Halo Infinite.. little indie game"

    Sure feels like it! Microsoft's most important franchise and 20 years later we're still experiencing the same troubles as we've seen for many years. MS needs more studios to support content for mainline Halo games.

  5. Man, I can not get behind the negative opinions about the latest Star Wars trilogy. Other than some things about episode 8 that bother me, the new trilogy is great to me. To say that episode 9 is worse than episode 2 makes me cringe, but it’s been super fun having more exciting conversations about Star Wars, because there are so many different opinions.

  6. I dislike "fewer conglomerates owning more IP" but I do like "taking IP I love out of the control of blithering idiots."
    Now Lara Croft and Duke Nukem can finally hang out together. uwu

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