GTA 5's Franklin Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V

Shawn Solo Fonteno, aka Franklin from Grand Theft Auto 5, joins us to break down viral scenes from the game as well as GTA Online’s The Contract missions.

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Franklin talks to a dog mission
02:22 Franklin gets roasted by…

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  1. Lol honestly they should have left Franklin fire back at Trevor 😂 cuz on this scene 6:15 I kinda felt sad for em trevor going at him like that

  2. it's sad to see how old the actor have become and still there's no next sequel. it shows that we've waited very long time.

  3. Gta 6 better be worth the wait or I’m rioting at Rockstar HQ 😤😤😭 he was also in The Wash with DJ Pooh 😌

  4. I like when you wake up on beach as Trevor and a “ very large” woman walks by and you can follow and degrade her with 20 different verses . Every time I switch to T I hope I wake up there or on the island with dead bodies everywhere and he says “ last man standing . .Again “

  5. Love this actor. Franklin, like Johnny from TLAD wasn't as well written as he could be. Trevor would've been equally badass if Franklin stood up to him. Franklin didn't have the depth the character deserved. Incredible performance though.

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