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Gotham Knights, Overwatch 2, and TMNT: Shredder's Revenge | GI Show

Welcome back to another packed week on The Game Informer Show! We’re breaking down our thoughts on the latest Gotham Knights trailer, discussing what we think EA’s mystery games are, and giving you our hands-on impressions of Teenage Mutant Ninja…

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  1. Pretty sure they said thr remake is outside of the dead space remake you stupid fuck. Also I'm sure all the sims mods that dude downloaded was furniture ?

  2. Why the he’ll haven’t they released a date for tmnt? It for last gen platforms. What are they waiting for? Are they still working on the 16 bit textures for April ?

  3. Your discussion of the new batman game made me realize a topic that has NEVER been brought up before. I would love to know why the new batman game cannot control like arkham knight. Is it because of the new engine that can't replicate the old free flow combat? Or is it the egotistic developer that don't want to take a good thing already but want to make it feel different even though its not good. im guessing the real question is WHY CAN'T GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 driving handle like forza horizon 5? Is it because of the limitation of the engine or is it because the developer SIMPLY DONT WANT TO???

  4. As a major OW fan I’m honestly somewhat conflicted and curious about all of this. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how this goes

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