Gotham Knights Nightwing and Red Hood 4K Official Gameplay

Watch over 13 minutes of brand-new Gotham Knights gameplay. Featured in this video specifically is Red Hood and Nightwing gameplay. You get a glimpse of Nightwing’s glider, as well as his various move sets. Additionally, you get to see Red Hood’s…

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  1. Why does it feel it's from 2016? Graphics and movements are all the same as in the last Arkham game. Is this what has to go on next gen consoles? Come on….

  2. Not too thrilled about the gearing if it's going to all be fiddly little bonuses like "1% elemental resistance".
    Only 2-player co-op…yeesh. That and no last gen releases really stinks.
    Also that batcycle segment looks baaaaad, very low speed chase. Red Hood in general seems really half-baked.

  3. worst combat that I've ever seen, fancy dance move. it just looks fancy…..fighting with the unskillset enemy is really fun?

  4. I do like next gen but this gameplay is kind of like mobile game and PS2/3 with flashy move. I did not like Nightwing and Redhood their gliding looks ridiculous. Nightwing shouldn't have use drone jet to glide, he should have use body suite to glide like Batman Beyond and Nightwing DCAU (He should rather be call Drone Night) and also Red Hood shouldn't use magic to walk and hop like Sanji Skywalk. I wish Rocksteady should develop this game not WB Montreal.

  5. Pretty sure my 3 year old could have done better against that gladiator at the end. I hope they fix this or get someone better behind the controller.

  6. I hate to be this guy, ? I just want to play is batman. I've played all the other Arkham games many times and never really cared about being the other characters that much in the challenge rooms. I have a feeling you'll be able to play as batman at some point. I call Batgirl!

  7. There are a lot of problems with the 3rd person camera in this… First off, the 3rd person camera just remains static throughout the whole thing, like it's fixed to a pole connected to the character. Theirs no change in FOV whenever the characters go from a walk to a run and vice versa and is always too far away from the character durring battles, which can leave you unimmersed as you dont feel like you ARE the character you're playing as. ALSO, the camera can only move when you move it yourself, otherwise it stays in the same position following the character which can be very unhelpful when in as you have to constantly readjust the camera to even SEE who you're fighting. I have many complaints about the current status of this game but I felt like this issue was the biggest problem I saw.

  8. I hope they take all the negative comments/critiques from people and content creators into serious consideration. There are game 10 years older that look and play better than this.

  9. does not feel engaging at all, the enemies do nothing and mashing a few buttons can do something somewhere. Feels clunky and slow. Graphics are ok though

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