Godrick the Grafted and Stormveil Castle – Elden Ring Lore

Godrick the Grafted, also known as Godrick the Golden, is the first major boss most players will find in Elden Ring. So, it’s time to dig into the story and lore of Godrick. How much his golden linage from Godfrey the First Elden Lord affects his…

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  1. Gostoc is definitely Godricks son. Godrick probably took his left arm and grafted it to himself and that’s part of why he has so much hate for him.

  2. When I heard ''Murica helped the Erd tree by sending Godfrey to slay the giants.'' My first thoughts were: Is the USA actual lore in this universe???

  3. I'm sure this has been mentioned but Godrick did not send the Knight to take Fort Haight, nor slay the demi human queen to cause the uprising. Mogh did. It's hinted at by the description of the ash of war the knight uses. The Roses. And the ghost not far from the fort.

  4. Whoa! I love the idea Thad Godrick would put a grafted scion at the beginning of the game because he knows he has to stop you and that you’re coming for him.

  5. Hey Dave curious if you actually see this, are you going to be putting up all your Elden Ring Lore vids on gamespot here on out or will your channel also have them?

  6. Don't think Godrick would waste fine body parts by crucifying people. I feel it is more attributed towards the presence of the patrolling Tree Sentinel that is in service of Leyndell. As for Godrick, his claims for being the "Lord of all that is golden” reeks of bs. Just someone who feels entitled by birthright no matter how far below the pecking order he is situated. Still, he is a poor soul. Humiliated and disdained.

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