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Final Fantasy VII Remake part 2 news coming in June, Battlefield 2042 Season 1 launch targeting early June and Call Of Duty: Vanguard starts a free week of multiplayer.
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During a stream for the Final…

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  1. 2023 definitely, few tweeks to the engine, added weapons and such. Boom, they should be well into development. But I can see the push for 2024, because Playstation already have several big games slated still

  2. Imagine that SE made it possible to hate Final Fantasy 7 game, thanks to Nomura with his 8 yo writing skills.

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  4. I bet they'll try late next year but end up pushed back until 2024…. and, i thought 2042 player base was long dead?

  5. I have no idea how anyone still cares about anything Final Fantasy related. The VIII remake is such a disgusting representation of the original that disappointed fans worldwide. Square Enix is absolutely dead to myself and MANY others.

  6. Not a fan of this one, but it was my brothers favorite game of all time. It was ONE of the only time I’ve even seen over joyed and have the biggest smile ? on his face. I lost my brother to suicide and I’m glad he got to have a moment of joy in this life. I really loved that moment in time cause it was only one of few times he was shining bright

  7. i like to see final fantasy 7 remake part 2 and final fantasy 16 at the summer game fest or playstation showcase im so excited for those two games

  8. I'd love to see if they're going to add it to ps4 cause…. well some of us can't wait in line or pay 800+ for the system ?

  9. All I know is they should definitely release one each year not both the same year. What I hope happens is FFXVI comes March 2023, FFVII-2 perhaps March 2024.

    The most important thing for me is that they take their time with FFXVI and make sure its a worthy installment.

    Both FFXIII and FFXV felt very confused and rushed.

    FFXV was especially a mess. They need to make sure they have good characters and a fully-fleshed out narrative in FFXVI. If they need to push it back another year, just do it and don't try to tell part of the story in a movie, another part in an anime then the main stuff in the DLC. That was just a really bad call.

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