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Fable? Gears 6? Xbox And Bethesda Showcase 2022 Predictions

Join us on this excerpt from The GI Show where we discuss our predictions for what Xbox and Bethesda have up their sleeves during their 2022 showcase!

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  1. Xbox Predictions:
    1. Id Tech 7 update featuring a new Quake, Wolfenstein, and Rage
    2. Gears: Marcus Fenix Collection – basically Gears 1-3 updated using Unreal Engine 5.
    3. Forza Motorsport 8
    4. Compulsion Games Dark Fantasy RPG set in America's deep south
    5. Grounded official release date and Stranger Things crossover
    6. Contraband Gameplay and Release Date
    7. Marvel Comics exclusive game to close the show, perhaps a Weapon-X game.
    8. Sega and/or Namco Acquisition

  2. I think Wolfenstein is a good bet. Pete said that game was in development or something a few years ago. I think before Indiana Jones goes full-scale Machine Games finishes Vulfenshtein.

  3. The upcoming Forza Motorsport has been in development for 5 years, its had 2 separate playtest last year, pretty much the only game outside of Starfield and Redfall that I would consider a lock for this years show

  4. it's fable about father being taller than child and turfing out of is head , like a histery conspiration , what age are we? see this is why i'm not gonna play it and i think is gross eatherway.

  5. The Outer Worlds 2 prediction???? We didn’t see anything in the first trailer. That was the whole point of the trailer, it was a joke. Avowed is much more advanced from that studio. And Pentament.

    Plus why would there be release dates for anything more than six months out? Surely they’ve learned from the Starfield mistake.

  6. really betting on outer worlds 2 when they joked on themselves in that "trailer" they showed?
    the game is so far away, why not saying avowed which is definitely more closer.
    this is why "game journalists" are a joke

  7. I want more Fallout 76 news and quality of life improvements. Just started playing it and it deserves to be in the spotlight. Great game.

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