Elden Ring Lore – Starscourge Radahn

One of Elden Ring’s most notorious and mightiest demigods is Radahn – known throughout the land as General Radahn and Starscourge Radahn. Radahn was born of Rennala and Radagon, and shares the demigod siblings of Ranni and Rykard. However, he…

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  1. You learn magic to become more powerful i learned magic so i may ride my favorite horse… We are not the same..
    General Radahn

  2. I think both reasons have weight in them. He held the stars to protect the golden order and also he wanted to challenge what is stronger than him

  3. Hot take: Radhans boss fight was jot that hard. Once you memorize how to dodge his one-shot attacks, it becomes a rhythm-game. I beat him in 4-5 attempts.

  4. I think the Fallingstar Beasts are like larval versions of Astel; once they break out of the hard shell is when they finish their metamorphosis to a alien butterfly like state.

  5. I wonder if Radagon was formed of the primal force as merika was powered by the golden order as a sort of yin and yang. If I remember right the Giants were from the time before the Elden beast infected the erd tree. That would explain any resemblance to giants with the red hair and with radahn's features.

  6. Videos like this fill the emptiness I experienced after beating Elden Ring. This summary really puts me back in that world and allows me to recall my footsteps in the Lands Between. Thank you!

  7. I think so far your timeline is the most well put together, and your placement for characters makes the most sense to me. That's why you're the Master, Dave!

  8. Maybe radahn challenged the stars because he saw rannis future and was trying to prevent her from stealing the run of death, or since he was part of the golden order, he stopped the stars on behalf of the greater will

  9. i think it needs to be said that while Merika and Radagan might be two parts of the same whole the two are clearly not equal. while Merika was a God and her children demigods from birth radagan was a mere warrior of the order and his kid where only demigods after Merika adopted them.

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