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Diablo Immortal | New Gameplay Today

Diablo Immortal is just around the corner. After its big release date announcement last month, we released an installment of New Gameplay Today all about the game, how it plays on both mobile devices and PC, and more. Today, we’re back with even…

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  1. I will play this but it's just because I am waiting for Diablo IV. This game is my main focus and I knoe there is at east 2-3 more year to wait.

  2. do players take damage or die at any point in this game? or is it just a click everything/loot/microtransaction treadmill?

  3. 0:01 Why its important to keep in my mind? If you treat it as a excuse for bad product then work for their PR. If you treat it as a excuse for not playing in their games… Its even more stupid then the first one.

  4. I'm so stoked for the release! ?
    I never played any mobile games before but I will definitely play DI both on mobile and PC! I'm just glad my samsung galaxy s21 ultra is in pristine condition, I even bought the razer kishi xbox gaming controller for my mobile device haha

  5. I will enjoy this game on mobile and pc, waiting for Diablo 4 but this Diablo immortal seems good for a mobile game, visually better than Diablo 3, seems to have more content, skill shots etc… im just sad that isn’t rag doll like Diablo 3. I just love the hit in Diablo 3 when the body are flying with our hits.

  6. Their work culture is woke and thats why its racist and discriminatory. Hiring according ti ANYTHING else than competency is a CRIME. They need to fire all the staff who are or go allong with wokeness which is EVERYBODY. The compay needs a complete restart. FIre them all, tell the new people how stupid and bigoted the rainbow brigade was and tell them to make a good games and if marketing tells them to sacrifice gameplay or put microtransactions in, fire that marketer.

    As you can see, this will never happen and the company is inrescuable. Just let it die already.

  7. Can’t wait for this game to release, i have an erection right now just thinking about it. I hope Activison Blizzard wins the lawsuit. Their employees suck.

  8. Looks actually good, why does it have to be a mobile game. Mobile gaming it's probably the worst thing that has ever happened to us console players. Imagine the games we would have if publishers weren't into pumping stuff out for the Asian whales

  9. As much as I hate mobile games and the fact they'll probably milk this with as much microtransactions they can, I do really nice the games art style at least in the lava area.

  10. Honestly I'm extremely excited for this. I'm not a big mobile gamer at all, the only mobile game I've played consistently is Clash Royale, but I've been looking for another mobile game to help time pass at work or wherever for a while. Love that I can seamlessly play on PC as well

  11. This looks fantastic. I welcome a mobile Diablo experience with cross-save. I know it’s not going to be the best or technical Diablo game ever made, but something nice I can pick up on my lunch break and do some runs. Mobile gaming gets shit on, but if more gaming companies made better games, it would be a better experience for everyone. Most of our phones are stronger than a Nintendo Switch. The tech is there.

  12. Hey everyone, thanks for watching!

    I just want to mention that with Immortal dropping next week that I treated this interview more like a primer for the game for people curious about it than getting super in the weeds with info that the hardest of the hardcore Diablo fans would care about. So, I hope it helps out people who may be discovering the game and want to know what it's about at a broader level.

    If you have more detailed questions you'd like addressed, let me know, and I'll see what I can find out!

  13. So what they basically said is: we’ve designed most of the game already, but will release bits and pieces over time to suck your wallet dry! Damn we screwed ourselves over with DLCs Loot packs, and Battle passes. The golden age of gaming was when you got what you paid for, and the best loot was acquired through time and effort and not moms credit card.

  14. So with this coming to mobile and PC. Anyone know the reasoning as to why no Mac support. Literally all they had to do is enable the iOS app to work on M1 macs.

  15. I hated Immortal at first but after playing the Beta, I now think that it's actually better than Diablo III in a lot of aspects.

    I also love the crossplay/cross-progression functionality it's gonna bring but I do hope they implement a more traditional Diablo UI to the PC version, or at least allow us to move and resize UI elements. It's kinda awkward seeing a mobile game HUD on PC.

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