Dead Space Crafting Tension Showcase With Motive Studio Art Developers

Motive Studios gives you an early look at the current stages of development for Dead Space remake. Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola and Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme are joined by Art Director Mike Yazijian and special guest Blayne Smith…

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  1. Let's hope it does well. That way we get 2 and 3 remade as well and possibly a new entry. Dead Space rules and deserves the love these guys are giving it.

  2. As much as I appreciate the effort being put into this I won't be buying it. EA shafted this franchise, HARD, with the decisions they made on the third game! I can't bring myself to give them money as they drag the original classic from the grave.

  3. I’m really curious to see how upgrading your weapons at a bench will affect how much damage is caused to the limbs. Like a fully upgraded plasma cutter will probably cut straight through the bones unless you’re playing on the hardest difficulty. Interesting stuff.

  4. Do we know whether the original cast is coming back? I know Gunner Wright is coming back but what about Hammond, Kyne, Kendra etc?

  5. This game looks great…and wish motive the best
    But I am still amazed that ea closed visceral only to go back to the thing that the studio was doing….

  6. Please remember to actually give people graphical options so lower end PCs can run it.

    I'm sick of graphics having "Normal" as their lowest option and having my PC go to 200 degrees and it runs at 40 FPS.

  7. I love how heave and realistic the metal on the suit looks, I hope they do even better to suits in DS2 and 3 where the Engineering suit look kinda plastic. Can't wait to Dead Space 2 and 3 Remake. Also. Dat Torch detail! Another thing that I love is that they scanned Gunner Wright's head into the suit, so that means when, in the finale where he removes his helmet we are gonna see Gunner as Isaac, literaly?! That'd be so awesome!

  8. This is looking up to be one of the best video game remakes in recent memory, maybe even if all time. It’s clear these guys have a deep love and understanding of Dead Space, and I’m super excited to play this when it comes out

  9. I hope the size of the ishumura makes more sense this time. In the original, it only had a crew of like 1000 and was a mile long. Didn’t really make much sense though, should’ve been a crew of at least like 10 k and be minimum 3x larger.

  10. Everything is looking amazing, my only thing I had a slight issue with was the head of the necromorph they showed. It looked too monstrous. That might sound weird, but hear me out. What made necromorphs scary was how recognizably human they were, despite how horribly disfigured and grotesque their form had become. The faces of the regular slashers looked just like the average person’s, only very, very wrong as they are clearly furious and moving when they shouldn’t be . Milky white eyes, strands of greasy hair. Mucus and blood and bile from their ripped off jaw etc.

  11. I still hate EA but they really put a dev team that clearly cares about and respects the source material in charge of this. One of few blessings we've gotten in this industry lately.

  12. Visual storytelling is my favorite thing in any game. It’s why I loved Fallout 3 & the OG Dead Space games. So I’m overjoyed to hear how invested you guys are to making each room have a story. I just hope the remake expands the vents so they’re not just boxes like the original lol.

  13. To be honest, I want to purchase this game whether it turns out to be good or not, based on the openness that the devs are showing. I’ve never felt so “involved” in a game project, not even with kickstarter.

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