BOTW's Most Anime Combat Of 2022 Explained

User Breneko obliterates a Guardian in Breath of the Wild, but how did he pull it off? We go behind the scenes and explain how each trick was done step by step.

At this point you’re probably wondering, “How did they pull this off? And what…

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  1. The explanation of all this feels even more anime than the attack itself.

    Guardian: "Nani!? But how!? How did you coordinate such an attack!?"

    Link: pushes up glasses "It was quite simple, you see. Precisely 2 minutes ago, ten miles south of this location, I fired 3 arrows into the sky, 2 degrees left of Orion's Belt. I knew that you would be standing still precisely at this location, at this time of day, at this moment in our battle. All I had to do was wait for you to get cocky and try to fire your blast at me. My acrobatics were merely a distraction from the incoming aerial attack that I fired precisely 2 minutes ago. Once the shots hit their target, I knew you'd be too dazed to react in time, in which I took advantage of your lowered defenses and came in for the for a rushing strike."

    Guardian: "I was foolish to underestimate your cunning."

    (This whole conversation occurs in slow-mo, during the 0.2 seconds after the attack in which the guardian is launching in the air, upside down).

  2. When I saw this I was eager to try out that ATR that sent the Guardian flying, but I couldn't do it. So fast forward a few days and I was making a combat clip with a bunch of lizalfos and in one of the clips I thunderclap rushed to a Lizalfos even when there was a Lizalfos going in my rushes direction. What ended up happening was that the Lizalfos in the way of my rush was sent soaring.

  3. "Dropped many jaws" bro how did he know my jaw dropped ????????? my bad I thought it was funny because my jaw dropped while watching this lol

  4. These are wayyy too many steps for me to try. But I just appreciate watching. In fact, I appreciate how this game is STILL giving us these gems all these years later. IMHO, it's the games replayability which makes it the greatest game ever made.

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