Arma Reforger Early Access – The Good And Bad

On the road to Arma 4, Arma Reforger is a standalone early access game looking to hook a new generation of Arma players as it goes into Early Access on PC and Xbox. 

Arma Reforger by Bohemia Interactive is a standalone Arma game going into…

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  1. Just finished a 3 almost 4 hour session playing conflict. Honestly this game blew my mind. I love the team play the experiences and all the e flaws. It reminds me of the early days of pubg where you WILL encounter bugs. The most beautiful things about playing this in early access is that you’ll get to say and experience how much the game changed

  2. Sacrificing the identity of a game just to appeal to new players never goes well. As a Veteran, I like the game. Looks promising for Arma 4

  3. Lost me when you said it would be good to be able to play without comms or have ping systems etc.
    People who want to play without comms shouldnt play ARMA its not there game and that is fine.
    Stop wanting every game to be for every person i think that is what is wrong with your take here.
    Not everything has to be accessable for the massess. MIll Sim for Mil sim guys, Cod for guys that wanna run around and gun constantly, nothing wroing with that.

  4. Insurgency and rising storm aren’t MILSIM titles they are tactical shooters. A MILSIM is a lot more in depth then just realistic gunplay like what you see in Imsurgency and Rising Storm. MILSIM games let you organize huge missions with various stages, they need you to run supply trucks to and from HQ to keep your guys guns loaded with ammo. There’s a lot more that goes into a MILSIM game.

  5. How about people just learn to play these types of game instead of forcing the dev team to please an audience that might not even play this 6 months later.

  6. Honestly, the inventory style is way more convenient than Arma 3 and even DayZ, it allows more realism as to say, where to put small things (bandages, etc) and where to mags, a spare gun, etc. In Arma 3 it was Vest, Backpack, Uniform which just turned out to be hoping one of the three could carry 'x' amount of mags, rockets, etc.

  7. i think arma should have smaller more intricate maps with something akin to forge mode and mission creation. Any mod ability would be cool too. But the game a lot of times still feels like it belongs on PC.

  8. Has anyone figured out how to get onto servers on Xbox? I want to play multiplayer but it won’t let me join any servers

  9. I love realism in shooters but at the same I prefer more consistent pacing, I'm looking at this game but I'm more of an insurgency guy.

    Saying that, this looks interesting with its deeper ability to customise settings.. it may be the best thing for milsim people.

  10. They need to fix the controls first off. I can't map f all the way I want. Many crashes as well are happening. Also if u have controllers plugged in to ur pc such as, a joystick, rudder pedals or aircraft panels. When u get inside the vehicle inside this game, they have interference that causes the character to honk the horn and glitch out badly. When u unplug the extra controllers from ur pc this does not happen.
    They need to fix this asap.

  11. I've always wanted to try arma but felt arma 3 has been out soo long I'd be to far behind. arma reforger seems like the perfect trial for me to see if I'm going to jump in with the franchise going forward to arma 4.

  12. The inventory is the way it is because that allows modularity since this game is focused at customized experiences and mods. A sleek inventory ruins mod compatibility.

  13. One thing I like about Arma is that it IS a learning experience and that you have to be patient! I like that there is no hand holding, figure it out! That gets players to communicate with each other to learn and figure things out

  14. The only thing that intimidated or made me fall off of arma 3 was all the DLC pay walls.
    Will this one be the same or am I safe to invest?

  15. I hope they just let us hit one button to access our menus, allowing us to right and left bumper tabs for out-of-play menus such as the mission tracker, players tab, settings, etc. (for console)

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