Apex Legends Mobile Review

Apex Legends Mobile introduces exclusive mechanics and features into Respawn’s battle royale, some of which improve the experience while others don’t add anything.

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  1. Between the 7 different reload bugs, not being able to jump near death boxes, and blatant cheaters, it's a fail, 100% from day one.

  2. Dude, cough if you're being held hostage. We'll save you.

    But seriously, not only does he sound bored out of his mind, but he hates TDM and loves BR? hahahaha what? BR is the worst game mode created since Goat Simulator.

  3. It does have controller support, it just doesn't work outside of Gameplay(i've used a ps4 gamepad with it, personally). And maybe i'am wrong but it seems your footage was recorded with gamepads too as the on-screen analog stick doesn't move throughout or was it captured/played with a pc emulator

  4. You say it stutters but that could be because you’re playing on an S10? It’s by no means an old phone but it would be interesting to see if it still stutters on a new Samsung or i Phone?

  5. The gameplay is great, but the number of currencies and progressions and levels and so on is insane. So much so that I still have no idea what most of it is for, let alone how to get to whatever I'm looking for. The mtx side of the game is more complicated and harder to understand than the game itself.

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