"A Weird G36!" – Firearms Expert Reacts To MORE Ready Or Not Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down more of the weaponry of Ready or Not, including the beanbag shotgun, the G36 and the UMP-45.

00:00 – Opening
00:47 – Beanbag Shotgun

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  1. It makes me happy to see a game actually implement violin loading for a shotgun. It's significantly more comfortable in my experience and, important for a police context, it lets you keep your weapon mounted light facing forward.

    I think the next step for realism would be doing ammo management for removable side saddles, be they velcro or rigid like the Aridus, as you would for magazines.

  2. In reference to the navy mk16, it's not impossible for a police department in the US to have it; alot of military surplus vehicles, weapons, and other equipment are available for police departments to purchase. Also, police departments have to use all of their annual budget or risk getting a lower budget the following year, so depending on the department, location, etc they may have a few military mk16's.

  3. the movement and gun control in ready or not is great, its just a shame that the AI is so robotic and dumb as bricks. which is arguably the most important part of the game RON is trying to be.

  4. I'd love to se Jonathan react to some of the conventional, but mostly the outright weird items from the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

  5. For the scar I can understand the markings, swat buys most equipment from first pick surplus from the military

  6. Is this G36 an ARV example where a police constabulary like the Met or West Yorkshire has donated to the collection? Nowadays, more ARVs are being equipped with Sig MCX or AR15 derived weapon systems compared to the older, but still very capable G36SF and MP5SF carbines.

  7. 5:25 The number GFLHG003 refers to Girls Frontline, a weird game where guns are turned into girls which i think would be a fun joke video.
    The game also collaborated with a comic series called Gunslinger Girls which had Padania as its antagonist.

  8. You guys don't have a Benelli m4 ? just shot my neighbor's, he paid 1900 here in the us. Try to see if you can import it from us. It's great fun. BTW my neighbor does the same style of reloading, he said he does it because its easier to load because there is alot of spring resistance in the shell pipe, I kinda found it difficult myself since I wasn't used to shotguns and amazingly its the first shotgun I have fired. Plus its force of habit for him since he used it in Fallujah in 2004.

  9. if you like games with complex ammunition management and reload mechanics, I extremely recommend checking out a milsim-ish doom mod called "Hideous Destructor". All the fun of manually managing your ammo with all the extra "fun" of finicky caseless ammo and magazine DRM. It's sick.

  10. Second what he said about realistic ammunition management. They need to add this to more shooters, or at least make it an option. It would be a literal game changer. Full auto would only be used situationally.

  11. That open lk setup is also present in codm. It was so weird to me I did not realise that gun was a g36 until it was pointed out by a youtuber

  12. With personal use of employing a bean bag shotgun, beanbags would never be used on an entry team like this. Most beanbag rounds don’t have that white powder, mine have a green dye to mark whoever was hit.

  13. this game is incredibly fun, even playing solo when you're bored its just super fun to help pass time, i play this game every evening and the amount of scenarios this game creates keeps it fresh and fun

  14. Please have Jonathan take a second look at HUNT, new weapons have been added and it’d be cool to have a part 2 showing off these new additions. Really was wondering if the Royal Armories house an 1893 Winchester 😂

  15. Based on the change logs of the game, It seems the only reason the g36 is without the carry handle is because the developers like the look of it more.

  16. The powder from the bean bag is realistic. Bean bag cartridges have a little bit of chalk on them to mark perpetrators in case they temporarily escape during a lot of commotion such as a riot.

  17. One funny thing is that the update which added the G36 said “which totally looks way cooler without the carry handle” or something along those lines in the patchnotes

  18. The only time I've ever had an issue with mirage was with magnification. That and silencer use will give you a lot of mirage to look at.

  19. A couple of things about the less lethal shotgun (as an instructor in such things). The noise level is a lot less when firing baton or bean bag (kinetic impact projectile in legalize) than depicted in the footage and much less than firing regular 12 gauge rounds. You don't even require hearing protection. Part the second: Though meant to be non-lethal should the need arise, a suspect pointing a weapon or such, the tactic is to fire into the face or throat. The rounds have enough energy to be lethal in this area. Still nice to see games bringing in non-lethal methods to triumph over evil.

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