8 Great Sniping Games You Can Play Now

With another Sniper Elite game releasing, it’s time to take a look at the best sniping experiences you can find, including games like Escape From Tarkov, Squad, and even Hitman. 

00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Sniper Elite
02:05 – Sniper…

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  1. the sweet spot mechanic in bf1 was a cool idea but got cheesy real fast, honestly made sniping very easy, combined with bf1 not having as much bullet drop as bf4 you could play super aggressive and if you main recon in BF you could top frag with ease.

  2. Wow. You guys really made a video about sniping games but forgot to add ghost recon. Why? Just why? Please put some more work in your videos. Its very sad to see you guys not giving enough credits to ubisoft games these days even when they actually totally deserve it.😮‍💨

  3. Attention, one and all. I call to arms, my brothers and sisters who got our asses kicked, playing Halo combat evolved.
    Those who love the sweet sniping of giant heads and easy crits

  4. gun world vr it's a physics's based gun game it's got a lot of guns not only snipers it's got a verity of attachments realistic bullet drop and I love sniping in it

  5. I worked as a designated defensive marksman for 4 years with Triple Canopy and on the authentic/hardest difficult levels some of these games do have a semblance of realism. One thing a good portion of them get wrong is the size of enemy combatants in an optic at distance. Regardless of the magnification, at 1000+ meters a human sized target doesn’t fill 3/4 of your viewing field. But I certainly appreciate the research and effort these studios put into their games. Exponentially better than the joke that is COD, with the ability to make headshots with an SBR at 300+ meters on mobile targets with ease. Tarkov and Insurgency are both a good time, I play with a number of guys I’ve deployed with and it’s a great way to stay in touch and have fun. It is cool to see the back up sights on optics and they take into account height over bore and what not.

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