7 Ways Fortnite Changed Gaming

Epic Games’ Fortnite took the gaming world by storm in 2017 and remains an icon in the battle royale genre. In this video we break down 7 different ways Fortnite pioneered the live-service model of free-to-play games from establishing a…

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  1. Great video 😁 I do like the newfound public positivity towards the game since Zero build released.

    I like the battle pass model, sets a nice timeline to the season and is way better than lootboxes. And the rewards are often awesome!

    I find myself playing nearly everyday, mainly to do challenges. I've played since C1S3, but didn't become hooked until C2S2, thanks to lockdown.

  2. You all give Fortnite wayyyy to much credit as a gaming influence. Most of these features weren't original to the game but to the system of UE4 and now UE5. So… all credit should go to Epic for Unreal Engine 4 that allowed Fortnite to be the lowest standard for cartoon battle royale games.

  3. Forced Sony to add cross play, thank God kids are not growing up with a pay to win game, Unmatched live service, had better performance and netcode for most of the time compare to its rivals, etc

    Yeah not a game I like, but it brought/popularize important key features that are now standard in many games

  4. Fortnite didn’t pioneer nothing but make other devs chase that battle royale money and add battle passes to their games which is just another useless micro transaction.

  5. I think a V2 will be in order once Apple's lawsuit is settled. Not taking sides but if epic "wins" is going to be another landmark change to the tech industry.

    Never thought I would be playing Fortnite but since zero build it has been enjoyable to see master chief on a ps4 shooting up Naruto and dancing to BTS. Credit where credit is due.

  6. • More toxicness
    • More Rage
    • Less cash
    • Extreme lifetime waste
    • 5 yo dominating adults at a SHOOTER
    • Reducing brain cells while playing the game
    • Make players hating the game because they ruin the game after nearly every update and season…

    God… this game WAS good…

  7. this game happened bcos the devs were so pathetic at making anything with any real integrity so they sat back on the battle royale part of their failed game

    lol its changed nothing to a positive only negatives and weak gameplay

  8. I just don't like multiplayer, or PVP. I get too stressed by players that know the current meta, or have tons of experience.
    That's all I saw Fortnite as, until I watched this video.

  9. No company is perfect but I can give respect for how Fortnite changed gaming in a way that's more about cross platform gaming with other buddies. They made united with friends cool and that's all that matter to me. Sure it has micro transaction and changed the way online multiplayer use to be, I can't really be mad at it. The gaming industry prior when it came to online gaming was just as toxic before PUBG and Overwatch took the screen. Fortnite made gaming more accessible to a wider audience, and free to play was just the buzz words that got a lot of people interested. It was and still is a marketing vehicle to promote stuff and they do know how to sell to their audience. They always improve and they improve in ways to stay relevant to the gaming culture.

    You don't have to like the game nor have to play it, Fortnite ain't going anyway and it's here to stay. I respect it for making Sony seeing the error of it's ways and making it more cross play with other platforms

  10. You don't even have to pay money for battle passes. If you're patient enough you can grind out the the free section in battle passes and you will eventually have enough.
    Edit: I checked and each pass has 300 free vbucks and the base battle pass costs 950 so it should only take 4 seasons

  11. Es otra época del año. Es necesario establecer objetivos y dar pasos audaces para alcanzarlos. Recuerda que el éxito no se obtiene de la noche a la mañana. Solo tienes que dejar de procrastinar y probar lo que siempre has querido, para mejorar tu vida y bienestar Las inversiones te acercarán a tus sueños.

  12. Gonna recommend this video to a lot of people. Great positive coverage of the game, got myself back into the game right before Chapter 3 started and it's just so hard to recommend to other friends 😂

  13. To me, their embracing of pop culture makes it one of the best games. The number of skins that are from external sources are epic. There are skins from other games like Halo and God of War, as well as DC and Marvel comics. I’ve always been impressed with the number of outside content they’ve got the green light to put in.

  14. This is a great video! I learned so much from this, fortnite is a good game and I'm tired pretending that it's not

  15. I hated fortnite when I first played it but honestly thought it'd be fun without building so when they added it I came back

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