24 MORE Things You STILL Didn't Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

This time in Breath of the Wild, we’ll be trying to wake sleeping monks, cook eggs in unconventional ways, and uncover Nintendo’s secret code names for Zelda projects.

In the video above, we cover 24 facts, tips and tricks that aren’t quite as…

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  1. How did I miss that the playing cards are referencing Nintendo’s roots of being a playing card company… Alice is still strange though. Anyways, let us know your favorite thing you learned this time! ?

  2. Thoughts worth mentioning?

    Uhh… Perhaps, the "Wake" DOES work if performed in a certain order, like a code, or if done after performing some other action in the game, or while using/holding a certain equip/item…

    Also could be a code that doesn't actually stimulate an action from the guardians of the sword, but causes a reaction somewhere else within the game's vast world?

    Maybe a mix of all the above?

    Maybe one day, we will know… Otherwise, 'twas probably intended to develop as extra story line, but didn't quite play out.

  3. I've only just started this now for the first time …. I love the Wind Waker and I feel like I'm in that world that timeline instant grin when I bumped into Beedle felt like a long lost friend hahah ?

  4. So don't know how many know this ( I didn't know) but normally to get the sheikah sensor you have to activate at least 1 of the towers around Hyrule (besides the great plateau tower for story) and the tower gives you the sheikah sensor, then you unlock the upgrade for the sensor at Purah's lab, if you start the game and don't activate any of the towers to get the sensor (still activate great plateau for story) and immediately go get the picture rune, the game gives you the sheikah sensor without needing to activate any towers, even the dialog changes for both the guidance stone and Purah's.

    "With sheikah sensor"
    Guidance stone: "Camera, Hyrule Compendium, and album missing files confirmed"
    Purah: "Camera, Hyrule Compendium, album… Yep, looks good!

    "Without sheikah sensor"
    Guidance stone: "Camera, Hyrule Compendium, album, and Sheikah Sensor missing files confirmed"
    Purah: "Camera, Hyrule Compendium, album, and the Sheikah Sensor… Yep, looks good!"

    Nothing really game changing but I thought it'd be interesting to share, there's always something new to learn about this game huh ?

  5. Silly buggy mess of unfinished boredom. Who really cares all the bugs we missed? Nintendo games now days so filled with bugs no one can see all of them. Seeing all the bugs in BoTW is more difficult than completing the Pokédex – which is also bugged out coz Gamefreak can't fix a bug to save their 6 man company

  6. Wait wait I got a fun fact in the shrine it’s called The tah Muhl shrine passing the flame there’s a box that has a key and when it the key drops the key always and I mean always stands perfectly back up and that you can do whatever the heck you want with it you can throw it at a wall you can use Magnice it in throw it upstairs and it will still stand perfectly up well occasionally it will fall down but still it will sometimes stand perfectly straight up it’s extremely weird and I love it

  7. I remember seeing the first one of these like over a year ago and knowing almost all of them, and I simply cannot believe this is still running

  8. If you stand in one of the holes in the bridge of hylia’s sides on the lake tower side link will lose all texture

  9. If you whistle while opening the door, the open door animation won't play and he will continue to whistle. It is useless, but still interesting.

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