23 Best Steam Deck Games You Should Play

If you just bought a Steam Deck and are wondering what to boot up first, we’ve rounded up a few of the best games to play on it, including major AAA hits like Elden Ring, under-the-radar indies such as Spiritfarer, and everything in…

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  1. Hitman 3 may be fun, but I don't know how Gamespot can recommend an always-online game in good conscience, especially on a platform where the whole point is to be able to play anywhere.

  2. It’s 4am got the steam deck last night fell asleep waiting for games to install wall here i am eating chocolate drinking a beer in bed whilst she’s asleep lol

  3. Im glad I got a steamdeck. My girlfriend goes to sleep very early in the evening so instead of being outside in the living room on my PC away from her every night, I can now be in bed with her while gaming

  4. I was playing sea of thieves on my Samsung z fold 3 for a year straight. I use a gamesir controller. It worked great. Now I have a steam deck. And its amazing ?

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