20 Questions With Geoff Keighley

Ahead of Summer Game Fest, we ask the show’s curator, producer, and host, Geoff Keighley a string of 20 questions. Who is his best friend? What’s his favourite album? What’s the deal with strawberries? He answers all these questions and more….

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  1. NIN fits his criteria. Trent Reznor did music for Quake. I would love for more people to be exposed to their music. Great suggestion Lucy!

  2. Why can't just you guys be Gamespot?
    Lucy James
    Tamoor Hussain
    Jordan Ramee
    Dave Jewitt

    That's it. That should be Gamespot. Whenever I see other staff doing a review or anything I just think "journalist", and obviously you'd never speak ill of your colleagues, I'm sure they're wonderful people, but when I see you guys, I think "gamers".

  3. Im honestly curious if lyn inaizumi the vocalist for persona 5 music would work? For the next game awards honestly really really catchy music

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