World of Warcraft Expansion Reveal Livestream

Tune in at 9am PDT to see what’s next for World of Warcraft in this latest expansion reveal livestream.


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  1. Almost makes me want to come back….but cannot ever get my characters name back so meh….not willing to rebuild with a new name just would not feel the same. So will not be playing which is sad as I adore dragons. But then again not to interested in playing a game by this company lately after all that has come out.

  2. Dullest trailer i've ever seen in wow. and again they are missing the main element that made wow interesting. WHOSE THE BAD GUY, WHAT IS THE THREAT THAT IS DRAWING US THERE! WHO ARE THE ENEMY? come on guys we need a enemy to fight.

  3. Cool, fake conversations, awful looking graphics, empty promises, amazing. It's got it all, just like World of Warcraft!

  4. I'm not a massive hater, I just don't care… I mean I wasn't really thinking about dragons and I'm not that interested in them in the story anyway.

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