World of Warcraft Dragonflight Expansion Reveal and Breakdown Showcase

Learn more about the latest expansion coming to the World of Warcraft, Dragonflight in this latest showcase. We get a glimpse of a …

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  1. ok have seen the teaser … and first Impression .. its a remake of ice crown citadel … like they did when they remade the main lands back when …

  2. Wow there are so many women in this video! I'm totally convinced that Blizzard is a great workplace for women…like totally! No way any woman working there can be upset, no way at all.

  3. Thank you World of Warcraft for adding our Awesomes Cosplay as the HORDE in the making of your Video of your new release of your Dragonflight Expansion. Morbidembalmer of the Frost Wolf Clan… FOR THE HORDE…. LOK'TAR OGAR !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WoW is not american game anymore. It is honorary Chinese game with english since Legion because of Banning Bikini armor from Azeroth, as we can see from Sylvanas and Alexi. America won't ban bikini armor. China does as we can see from Arknight and Genshin lacking bikini outfit.

  5. Yawn….so many unanswered questions from previous expacs that blizzard didnt have the creativity to finish so now they’re gonna throw another cash grab to the brain dead players of this game

  6. Why is bronze healing and red damage? The red flight is litterally for protecting life. And time and magic fit together…

  7. More repeat content and not to mention copy and paste from other games ideas. Once best game reduce to mere another same ideas game, arrogant took its toll I guess.

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