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Cyberpunk 2077’s expansion release window is revealed during a CD Projeckt earnings call, Call of Duty Warzone teases monsters coming to season 3, could be Godzilla,  and XCOM 2 is free on the Epic Games Store. 

As part of CD Projeckt’s…

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  1. Releasing an expansion for a (still) half baked game. CD Projekt is just adding fuel to the fire at this point.

  2. I love playing games like 3 years after they release. By the time I play them, all the bugs are fixed and the content is released.

  3. Enjoying this game.
    Main was pretty short. Wanted more. i didn't even know about the side quests. I beat the main with basically no upgrades because i didn't know how to get them and wasn't paying attention. Just kept playing. No wonder it got so hard.
    Kinda needs accessible flying vehicles. IDK how more future you can get with teleport machines.
    Have the PC version. Kinda needs a top card for 4k. The 3070ti does it. with ultra performance dlls on. with it off and max get 45 to 50 fps. Still good stuff.
    IDK what's up with these dumb pricing. It scares me.
    Will look forward in more to the story.

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