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Tormented Souls Nintendo Switch Review

In 1996, Capcom caught lightning in a bottle and rode that lightning all the way to a successful franchise about zombies, B.O.W.s, and a not-so-clandestine evil corporation pulling the strings from behind the curtain. Since that time, other game developers have dipped their toes into the genre but have never been quite able to capture that same atmosphere of late ’90s survival horror. Maybe it was the pre-rendered backgrounds, the static camera angles, the tank controls, the monsters themselves or any combination of those, few games have had that same feeling. With the release of Tormented Souls in Summer of 2021, lovers of the genre thought the wait may have been over, and it turns out, they would be right.

Tormented Souls was developed by Dual Effect and Abstract Digital and published by PQube Limited and was included on many a “best scary games” list in 2021. It invites the player to act as Caroline Walker but gives them no insight into who she is or her motivations. Immediately, the player will receive a mysterious letter containing a photograph of two twin girls at a place called Winterlake. The twins vanished without a trace, which must really gnaw at Caroline because she travels to Winterlake to solve the mystery of their disappearance. Caroline’s motivations as to why she wants to find the twins are very unclear but, nonetheless, she makes her way to the extravagant mansion/hospital.

Upon arriving, Caroline is knocked unconscious and later awakens naked and in a bathtub. After removing the breathing apparatus and finding her clothes, she is distraught to find that one of her eyes is missing. With no memory of what happened and why she is missing one of her eyes, she exits the bathroom to explore the mansion.The only person (monstrosities aside) that Caroline encounters is a priest that seems to know her, but the feeling isn’t mutual. With a pressurized nail gun and a lighter to corner shadows, Caroline must…


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