The Quarry Official Prologue Gameplay

Check out the prologue of The Quarry, teenage camp counselors Laura and her boyfriend Max drive to Hackettโ€™s Quarry Summer Camp one night earlier than they were scheduled to arrive and things do not go as planned.

Here’s your first look at 30…

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  1. Didn't hate Man of Medan, but it was waaaaaaaaaaaay too easy to keep every single character alive on the very first playthrough when you're not too daft to figure out what's going on from the very prologue.

  2. The cast is incredible. The acting from these 3 alone feel like a Hollywood movie. The cinematography is top notch and the Music Slaps! Can't wait to pre-order this and get invested in a new interactive horror story

  3. The Quarry horror game with David Arquette and Lin Shaye looks to be a plot that mixes The Final Terror from 1983 and The Zero Boys from 1986. The Quarry: 30 Minutes of Gameplay – IGN First – YouTube. Looking forward to it since it is the same people that have done the cinematic horror games Until Dawn, Man of Medan, Little Hope and House of Ashes that have multiple endings.

  4. as someone who's been obsessed with until dawn since it came out, im so excited to see another long form game from these guys. i dont think the short form stuff from the dark pictures gives enough time to really get into the setting or characters so im really excited for this. this scene in general was giving me real big mike/jessica vibes from the beginning of until dawn so im really crossing my fingers!!

  5. I really like the ambiguity I'm getting from the cop that helped out Laura and max. The way he keeps insisting the motel, and is continuously saying this full name, in a somewhat unsettling tone, it makes his intentions ambiguous.

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