“The Most American Gun Ever” – Firearms Expert Reacts To MORE Payday 2 Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down more of the weaponry of Payday 2, including the baby Deagle, the iconic Colt M733, and a selection of MP5s.

00:00 – Opening
00:36 – IWI…

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  1. I want to see Jonathan react to Call of Cuty Infinite Warfare. We've got an AK that shoots lasers, a Kris Vector with two separate magazines, a rifle that splits in half, a gun that rewrites hisfory and deletes people from existence, etc.

  2. The reason the Helmet flew about 10ft may be because the player has a perk-deck with Helmet-popping which increases headshot damage which would also make helmets well… pop.

  3. I hope this vid creates a small resurgence on the servers. I bought the VR version and it’s pretty sweet for a port but there’s nobody online ??

  4. Have you guys not made enough money from this series yet to get Jonathan a real camera to use? The shots of him are always so low quality hahaha

  5. Always appreciate Jonathan's candor and exactness when talking about the weapons depicted, not just in the technical, but also the ethical sense.

  6. It's funny that the Mateba became a cyberpunk anime icon when the in-universe reason Togusa uses it is that it's both uncommon and very low-tech for the era, fitting his position as the only entirely human guy on the team.

  7. i would probably get a heat on that comment , but i won't be surprised , if some american folks out there trade marking their own assess with american flags lol i mean they do trade mark everything

  8. I saw a comment for Sandstorm so hoping for that or Ground Branch, would be good to see how Jonathan reviews those and I think he will get a kick out of the gunsmith

  9. Jonathan after watching his first cursed gun build in the series: "This is outrageous, are you trying to break me?"

    Jonathan after watching his 134th cursed gun build in the series: "Why not, I suppose."

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