The Aiming System That Broke Weird West

Weird West is a game built on giving the player as much control as possible, and a lot of that is thanks to its innovative aiming system. An aiming system that also derailed the game’s development.

Weird West is a game about giving the player…

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  1. Kinda wish the actual Weird West music was the same as this video's outro music. (WW has kinda bare bones music I think)

  2. I really like the video because of the technic they used to make this game. however i dont need this overly dramatic guy that tells me something the developer already does. sure his hair is fancy but it annoys me that he stretches the video.

  3. Great video, including the narration/host! Hope to see more like these please, with the snippets of interview showing the dev’s exact perspective, and the narrator framing the larger picture and context. Love it!

  4. This was a pretty cool little documentary. Greatly entertaining and informative on something I didn't think much about. Thanks!

  5. Interestingly, the original DOOM had enemies at elevation, and you could always hit them, because the game was not 3D, it was 2D. Elevation does not truly exist in DOOMs game engine. Very similar to this. If you were pointing the vertical centerline of the screen at your enemy, you would hit it, even if it was above or below you. The game effectively works the same way as Weird West, but they did it out of the physical limitations of the programming and hardware.

  6. I genuinely don’t understand what’s so impressive or revolutionary about the aiming system. It seems like the very first aiming system I would have attempted. Make the weapon shoot in line with what you’re aiming at…
    It’s just the aiming system of the original Doom.

  7. Don't think I am hating or thinking too much about myself but when I heard the problem in the video, my first idea was the thing that they done at the end

  8. Have to say, this was an amazing video. Not only because it had the trademark Remember When editing and graphics but also because as the video went along, I could find myself figuring out exactly how the problem described was resolved (the animations helped immensely as well). Very interesting to get these little insights into the development process. Keep it up!

  9. Great video, Kurt. I guess the more things change (Weird West), the more they stay the same (original Doom's aiming system was the solution)? On a related note, The Ascent, was originally developed as an over the shoulder third person shooter, but the devs decided to do change it to an isometric, twin stick shooter late in development. They claim the game is fully playable in third person, so I hope they release a 3D mode that lets players experience the game in a different way in the future, hopefully.

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