Saints Row – Ultimate Customization Showcase Livestream

Tune in for the full lowdown on ALL things customization in Saints Row.

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  1. Doesn't seem much better than Saints Row The Third. I really didn't care about the customization in the previous games, the iconic default boss is great.

  2. Чё толку от кастома, если понапихаете сильных и независимых и кукарекающих

  3. This customization looks really in depth but I'm wondering what the tone of the game will be like when my character has animated skin, rainbow eyes, and an asemetyical face.

  4. sigh. . . sr3 2.0 and here i thought we was getting something new i need to get this saints row tattoo removed aint nothing gangster about some college students. volition made the world think they were a gta clown so to stop from looking like a clone u come off looking as a clown.

  5. And now it would seem gamespot reuploaded this video just like the other new trailer that didn't do so hot.. Not sure on this ones interaction tho, didn't pay too much attention to the how many comments were posted here before.. But looks like they've removed more dislikes all the same. With all the money they seem to be sinking into damage control, your assume deepsilver/ volition would put it towards a better features an models for thier upcoming title, not asset flipps and Ui tweaks from previous game instalments. The dumpster fire continues, an the animosity from the devs seem to point towards further pushaway from the older comunity an games.. Hope it was worth it when they're out of work at this point.

  6. Look I’m not trying to be so negative the customization is deep yes I get that but this is not a gangster game no more it is a hipster game college students come on just don’t call the saints row game name is something else please volition name something else this is not saints row we’re playing with college hipster kids and one do a shirtless in y’all don’t even know why am here to do shirtless that’s all I know this game is going to flop

  7. i hope they have a lot more black hairstyle options. would be nice to have some box braids or some kind of braids. for the guys, more twists and different dread loc styles

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