Saints Row Official Customization Trailer

Get a glimpse of all the various options you have for customizing your character in Saints Row. From shirts, pants, shoes, and hats to full combos,, underwear, overwear and even socks. Additionally take a look at all the custom rides you can…

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  1. …Everyone complaining about how the "Story" might be but this legit looks fun.

    Also, I know I saw Bernie Sanders and Shrek in this.

  2. If you like this game there’s a good chance you have “they/them” pronouns in your bio. And you still wear a mask

  3. I know a lot of people shat on this game, but I honestly don't see a huuuuge issue with it. Just looks like it will be a pretty average game, but I don't think that warrants how much bashing it has gotten.

  4. I know your trying to help old Jim Robs out so I want to know can I open my own Rim Job's I have special deals and I have the best Rim Job's in town and at low prices and really enjoy my job and the best rimmers in town, who don't wanted pimped rims.

  5. Uhh why cant they release it early who cares about bugs im gonna have a heart attack waiting for this game im SO EXCITED

  6. I want to like this game some of the gameplay looks great but everthing about the story and in the trailers i've seen so far looks so cringey im a bit woried.

  7. I guess the retconed leather and lace and nobody loves me because i didn't see any cool outfits in this game 🙁 I keep wanting to give it a chance but it looks like fortnite not saints row.

  8. Game looks pretty fun don’t no why people moan you play a game for fun b time pass lol what more you want ??‍♂️

  9. I really hope they expand gameplay to what it means to be the boss of a gang and not just make it a shooting gallery but it’s 2022 so my hopes probably won’t come true.

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