Saints Row – Everything We Know So Far

16 years after the series debut and 9 years after the last numbered entry, Saints Row is back and looking to reinvent itself. Even though the announcement of the game’s new city and a drastically different cast of characters left fans divided,…

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  1. I am sorry but i will play the 1,2 and 3 before i buy this, sad i had friends that were testers on 2nd one as well radio personalities this looks to kiddie

  2. Aww man! I wish they would have made the storyline after the third they could have called it Saints Row 4Real and made all the other stuff that happened after 3 just a dream or something like that. Going to miss all the old characters.

  3. I just want to know 3 things to make me get this game. 1) Will we be able to choose different fighting styles? 2) Will Bows (Compound, Hybrid and Regular along with arrowhead from Sharp, Really Sharp to Explosives) and 3) they say Socks will be in the game, does that include the socks for the female (all kinds) and what about female shoes?

  4. I hope they make some connection to the main series either with easter eggs or dlc, and i hope professor genki is in this one.

  5. They brought back layer clothing and power sliding, still holding out hope its good. I think people hate the art style and the new characters replacing Gat Shaundi and Peirce.

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