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Revita Review

In March of last year, developer BenStar released Revita on Steam’s Early Access program to gather fan feedback as the team toiled away on a game they hold near and dear to their hearts. The care BenStar has put into the final product is always present in this endearing indie game. Revita markets itself as a twin-stick rogue-lite platformer with mechanics inspired by 2011’s seminal Binding of Issac. Now at its full 1.0 launch, Revita proves itself as a charming game featuring crisp controls, an addictive gameplay loop, and an excellent soundtrack. The game may contain a bit of a learning curve, but it should come to please many rogue-like game fans.

Revita opens with the player controlling an amnesic child who has awakened at a mysterious metro station. The story presents itself in a seen-not-told manner that requires players to take in pieces of the world to understand what has happened to the boy. The player’s primary goal is to reach the top of the final clock tower by progressing through a series of smaller towers, each containing multiple floors and a boss at the top with a thematic twist. Along the way, the player will meet various NPCs that will aid them on their journey, each one unlocking new mechanics and game progression systems.

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Beautiful sprites and colorful combat arenas litter Revita’s visual experience. The game succeeds in never looking very dull in its backdrops despite reusing plenty of geometry throughout its multiple towers. Enemy designs are varied and unique, and it won’t take too long for players to remember an enemy’s move set simply by glancing at the screen. Filling out the world of Revita is a great soundtrack that captures the melancholy mood of the Memoria Station hub area while also adding memorable jingles to the fast-paced floors where combat takes place. There is also a neat element of customizability to the game; [layers can outfit the main character…


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