“Positively Shocking” – Firearms Expert Reacts To Ready Or Not’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of Ready Or Not including a number of non-lethal firearms such as the Taser and a paintball gun that fires irritant, as well…

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  1. Been playing and enjoying this game, and I can tell the devs are passionate about accuracy. I hope they come across this vid and Jonathan's insights help to make it even better.

  2. It would totally epic if VOID added a short barreled AR-10 or other .308 AR pattern rifle. The AR-10 just doesn't get enough love and hard and heavy has an appeal all its own.

  3. MP5 : the suppressor is moist likely to be the OSPREY 9 suppressor . Its a legit one, it can go with mp5 trough an adapter.

  4. This request will most likely get buried/not deemed worthy but I would love Jonathan's perspective on the futuristic guns of the 2012 Syndicate Reboot
    (I know I'm probably the only one who enjoys that game and it's crazy guns… never hurts to ask)

  5. I've seen referenced that the M855 Green Tip ammo was tailored for the 10.5" barrel Mk.18, which might be the reason why they used it for the game, if not just color coded ammo looking cooler

  6. The S&W 327 TRR8 revolver which is not shown here was I think created for SWAT use with a shield.
    It holds 8 rounds . Can have an optical sight and flashlight onto it.

  7. I can definitely vouch for stopping power with that FAL, after accidentally firing one round through a door and killing a civilian on the other side ? Ruined my whole mission!

  8. if we're opening the door on early access games you guys should checkout DayZ; it has a lot of guns renamed to be legally distinct from real companies but its very clear what guns theyre supposed to be. Dayz also has really nice gunplay like you have one button to add a magazine and another button to rack the weapon; also whenever a round is fired depending on things like cartridge, range, barrel length, etc the game calculates if the round would bounce, deflect, or imbed itself in the material

  9. Honestly, the confusion around the term taser is pretty understandable, considering the small handheld devices that just hurt are called Stun *Guns*.
    Can we leave the term "gun" for things that are actually gun related please. Stun Guns can be renamed to electric pain boxes.

  10. Cover Unturned, loads of weapons in the base game, realistic bullet reloading mechanics and some maps have realistic details.

  11. I love it when experts treat the game as it is, like the bagging might not be 100% true, but its a good indicator its secured, and more helpful for the player to differentiate

  12. I keep getting these videos recommended and I think to myself: HOW CAN YOU REACT TO THESE GUNS THEY ARE ACTUAL GUNS.

    I’m gonna watch a few just to see what you do

  13. please review Post Scriptum's guns, very underrated game overall but especially for realistic guns

  14. This guy has an insane attention to detail that really shows how passionate he is for firearms. Would really love to see the day I hear hes getting hired to help with game development.

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