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Sony Is Also Planning An In-Game Ads Program Similar To Xbox, God Of War Ragnarok Dev Gives An Update, PS5 Users Can Now Update Their DualSense Controller On PC and COD: Warzone Update Addresses Battle Pass Issues.
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  1. I'd be okay with ads ingame if A. They were in the background and non intrusive like on billboards in the environment and B. if it meant there's no microtransactions in that game.

  2. Depends on how invasive it is or how it impacts the enjoyment of the game. For example Monster energy in Death Stranding was not so bad, it kind of became a meme. Take Final Fantasy 15 where they had the cup of ramen side quest, most people hated that it was in the game. It didn't ruin the experience but if we had more cup of ramen ad's throughout the game, then it could of had a much more negative impact on the game.

  3. Im sorry but i cant listen to this guy wearing hoodie indoors. Hoodie makes you hear less, its protection for wind and its rude to wear this or hat indoors. Sorry just my observation

  4. At this point I'm so over modern gaming. There's still very good indie and smaller studio games that are great. But large AAA games, I haven't cared about since 2010, with a few exceptions.

  5. I know they won't make them because Sony only does the same two games now, gritty over the shoulder with light action and poor crafting and ubisoft games but with good graphic games but If they did go back to the likes of The Getaway and Jak then I can see the ads actually working really well, especially in The Getaway with London (or wherever it would be set) because having Fosters and stuff in the original was actually pretty cool. The issue is though is if Sony and indeed Microsoft only start to see the point in making games where they can put ads in them, so end up not making God of War and so on

  6. Buy game for 60$
    Micro transaction in said game remove ads for 59.99$
    So I can understand free to play games ( but I hope the developers get there share and Sony and Microsoft just don’t fill there pockets) just don’t put an ad break in at a random time “ oh it’s been 30 min to continue watch a 30 second ad” and sure if they want to go the mobile route of earning small amounts of in game currency for watching 30 second ads then that’s a do it if you want thing. But these AAA 60$+ games should not have any ads near them

  7. Ads will inherently cause technical hiccups during the "life" of the game and 10 years later due to "unforeseen" issues. Imagine not being able to play Ocarina of Time because it couldn't connect to ad servers.

  8. I’m only okay with ads if they don’t interrupt gameplay. Pepsi wants a Billboard in GTA? I’m fine with that. Extending my loading screen time so I can watch an ad, or forcing me to watch an ad to unlock a door or doing literally anything to distract my from my gameplay? No thank you.

  9. Dear gods please no, we can barely trust these guys to produce and release finished products. How can we trust their judgement of other companies moral compass when they can’t/won’t get their act together?

  10. If the ad is naturally embedded into the scene, like a billboard, no problem, as long as the add makes sense in the scene. What ad would they put into Vallhalla? LOL

  11. Whelp it’s a good thing I play single player games hopefully me turning off my Audi on my ps5 will disable the add

  12. Video games are the only experience I have online that’s actually ad-free. I’ll die fighting this. Ain’t no way you’re taking away the only safe haven we have

  13. for everyone complaining about this how do you propose these companies make any money off their games? everyone wants games they can play for months-years. They need money to continue to pay their employees. nobody wants the price of games to go up and everyone constantly complains about microtransactions. what other options do they have?

  14. The things that worry me the most is having to play a game and during a cutscene a ad pops up and then u have to pay how much money to get rid of the adds I don’t care if there on billboards in games

  15. Honestly, if either Sony or Microsoft will put ads in their games or systems, this will be the last console generation I will ever buy. PC's already had a lot of advantages over consoles, so ads will definitely put me over the line and keep me from buying a gaming console again.

  16. No we as a consumer have bought the right to the intellectual property and should not be forced to watched ads for game we have paid for. I know it said it was gear primarily for free to play games but that is primarily not exclusively. If I have to watch ads in the middle of my games I will not be buying a console again from either company.

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