Overwatch 2 Sojourn Origin Story Trailer

Learn more about Sojourn the newest character to join the Overwatch roster. A fierce former Captain of Overwatch equipped with cybernetic abilities.

Coming soon to #Overwatch2 PVP Beta.

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  1. They really dropped the ball imo by not putting every single new character in development in tank or support. STOP ADDING DPS! Please. We need 0 new dps until support and tank line-up are both equal to dps in number.

    This post going off the leak that Sojourn is DPS. If the leak is wrong and Sojourn is Support, then thank you. And please NO MORE DPS, ahem, like I said above.

  2. Dave Kosak: I am gathering the Hot Chixxx for the Coz.

    Alex Afrasiabi: Bring em

    Dave Kosak: You can't marry ALL of them Alex.

    Alex Afrasiabi: I can, I'm middle eastern

    Jesse McCree: You misspelled F*CK

    Blizzard in a Nutshell. 🙂

  3. Friendly heads up to everyone that the only reason they gave us this trailer is because California's governor Newsom just got caught interfering in the Activision-Blizzard discrimination lawsuit case by firing the boss of one of the lawyers, forcing her to resign.
    This is yet another smokescreen.

  4. Cool. Could we also get a story trailer for overwatch hero Gavin Newsom and his special investigation interference abilities?

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