Overwatch 2 Alpha Hands-On: Sojourn Abilities, Orisa + Bastion Rework, Push Impressions Feat Stylosa

Overwatch fans Lucy and Tamoor went hands-on with OW2 PvP and chat with their pal Stylosa about the game ahead of the upcoming Overwatch 2 beta. They discuss Sojourn, the Bastion and Orisa rework, as well as their impressions of the new mode,…

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  1. That spinning javelin with orisa it behave like a shield or sigma black hole but i wonder does energy beam like sym, zarya, echo still able to damage?

  2. god, the culture shock of hearing flashing tracers and fan the hammer, then you look at the timestamp and they're talking about some completely new hero called cassidy.

    and then you realize.

    yeah, not playing ow2

  3. I’m just worried it’ll make people who get mad and intentionally try to ruin games more powerful because there are less people per team

    Especially if it’s your only tank or healer now, because god forbid blizzard just let you have any mix of classes other than what they deem to be the most fun to watch for owl level play

  4. Overwatch 2 should have reworked all kits in some way and have at least 1 new hero for each role if not 2

    How can u push a sequel thats obviously expanded dlc

  5. the only justification for paying again for this is if they split the online and pve features and have it to where the pvp is free (like halo infinite) and the pve is paid for, they have a choice to pay for loot boxes already so its not like pvp cant make money on its own. idc if they are trying to jusitfy a pve mode for it to be another $60. its not even a true story mode, thats prob $30 worth of content. ppl who play OW1 are playing cuz of the pvp, why do we have to pay another $60 to do the exact same thing

  6. It is very interesting that there is a big discrepancy in how the different content creators think if hero's are strong or weak. Winston is subpar, Winston is extremly strong. Doom is bad ball, Doom will dominate most tank matchups. I think a lot of different skill levels talk about the same new thing, a thing we all don't know yet. I would be careful to form a opinion on how Overwatch 2 really feels before we play it. It's nice to get insight, but everyone presenting alpha footage has very different opinions on how impactful the changes are. Lots of love was given to the ping system too. And in my eyes you underestimate its value. Sure, should be in the game since 2020. But thats not a good argument on how important this feature could be. Or how bad it could be for the game too. We will see. And i love that. Gonna be great to get my own hands on it and try it out.

  7. Why are we seeing gameplay with overwatch 1 maps? are they really reusing content? cuz that would be an instant no buy for me.

  8. you havent seen widow players have you, they land there shots 99% of the time, one shotting everything, to the point where just have block that person or you just cant play the game.

  9. Been playing more OW1 lately.
    I feel playing support in OW2 will be much worse, and I'll stop playing it completely. Hopefully wrong.

  10. The fact that the PvP of both Overwatch games are the same already shows that it is not a new game, it is a new mode (which I see more as an expansion of the Archives mode that the community has been asking to be added for a long time) but that they chose to separate from the game to be paid. It looks like a lot of fun, but it's the same game that was released in 2016.

  11. The Cassidy thing is so weird. Every time i hear it im confused for a minute and then remember the name changed and why it changed. I get why it was done but its probably not the intended effect for me lol

  12. OW was pick what ever for far longer than its been role restricted so its just so odd for everyone to act like only having one tank is unheard of

  13. Push looks as bad as 2 CP in all honesty and from what the pros have been saying, not even OWL teams are finishing payload maps in scrims due to the lack of high ground contest with only 1 dive tank available now. Going to be interesting how the game plays, it looks smooth and fancy and fun for dps, but quite honestly it just feels like a giant 5v5 deathmatch game with no objective play…and it will be sad if that's what it turned into since that's what a lot of us played Overwatch for. We didn't want it to be Call of Duty.

  14. I think the moment they decoupled the pvp and pve they should have just immediately updated OW1 pvp to 5v5 and added all the changes zero reason to not do this at this point.

  15. I like half way through the covo kinda felt like overwatch 2 seems mid and the multi-player feels unbalanced but hey atleast we have a campaign guys cuz that totally makes the game better 😭

  16. Honestly, hearing that it plays faster single handedly piqued my interest again. It may not last long but I’m certainly intrigued with the universe again

  17. The lack of new characters, the multiplayer is just a new update. Only thing that looks nice is the new design but it just looks like theyre trying to transform it into something. Else

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