Outriders Worldslayer Reveal Full Presentation

The “Worldslayer Reveal” Broadcast is dedicated to unveiling Outriders Worldslayer and spotlighting the new content and systems …

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  1. Any clue on what happens to the guys who have put in the hours through xbox game pass? I'm assuming I'd have to purchase the full game and world slayer or whats the chances of this content going into gamepass. Many thanks and can't wait !

  2. I got buyer's remorse for buying game at launch at full price. I'll wait until this is on steam sale for 70% or more before I'll consider.

    The campaign story was actually good. However, zero replay value and the endgame was a joke.

  3. I'm very happy Square Enix didn't give up on this game after seeing how it outperformed BL2 & BL3 on its launch week and the resurgence it had in its last update.

  4. Haven’t played in almost a year due to matchmaking. Installed again today just to have the same issues. Oh well, maybe in another year smh

  5. Played outriders day one when destiny 2 got slow. I can't wait to get back into this game. I'll have to re-download to get prep for this new content.

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