Nintendo Switch Sports Review

Nintendo Switch Sports doesn’t feel like it’s trying to revitalize a trend. Instead, it recaptures the simplicity of Wii Sports and, in doing so, rekindles the same magic.

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  1. This review probably should have waited until the online functionality came. The single player mode IS the online play, and i'm curious if Nintendo has used some of the lessons learned from splatoon and elsewhere to make this a good experience for people looking to get competitive.

  2. I do not understand why reviewers weren't given some sort of online play period given how seemingly integral online is to the overall experience…

  3. Unfortunately, the base game looks barebones and I think Nintendo should’ve waited and released it with more sports. Most game companies always get criticized for releasing unfinished games so this should be no different,that being said the game does look fun.

  4. This is so well produced, written, and edited! I LOVED seeing the reviewer playing the game there's something very engaging about that.

  5. This game screams "included with Switch online Expansion Pak" to me. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that eventually happens when sales slow down. $40 is absurd for a game this half assed. I honestly think they'd see higher profit gains from doing that from the start.

  6. This sounds like a good purchase after a few updates. They'll probably come after Nintendo's presentations during the summer. Good review, guys! Thanks!

  7. i think they could also use the leg strap for a race mode. doing a marathon around the sport centers would be cool.

  8. The lack of the progress graph thing makes me not want this. I want the feeling of climbing through the ranks so I can end up taking down Matt in boxing or something like that.

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