Nintendo Switch Sports Preview

Nintendo is finally bringing its motion-controlled sports series to the Switch. Here’s what we thought of it based on a hands-on preview.

Nintendo Switch Sports is the long awaited return to the motion controlled sports series that was kicked…

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  1. Looking forward for this game. I'm still going to use my mii but if I ever want to use these sportsmates I'll use them as guest even though I still hate those new avatars.

  2. Great video Kurt & Richard! I really like the on-camera segments you were able to get during your preview session. When the game comes out I’m gonna kick your ass in every sport, mark my words.

  3. Nintendo Sports should have been a pack-in like Wii Sports, yes the Switch is selling like hotcakes but imagine if they captured that same feeling where people were having Wii-Bowling tournaments for Thanksgiving and in nursing homes.
    Switch would have already crossed 150 mil by now.

  4. Nice try Nintendo but these kiddie games aren't gonna get many people to play it after once or twice. Not even kids

  5. Thank you for your review. Love love love Wii Sports. I bought Switch a few days ago upon knowing that Switch Sports is coming. I wish EA/Nintendo would bring Grand Slam Tennis to Switch.

  6. I really appreciate this preview, best on YouTube. I've seen others cover it and forget that, this is a party game to laugh and compete with friends. It didn't need to be a ground breaking revamp update. Fingers crossed they add more games to this.

  7. As VR player seeing this has me chuckle.. Why even bother with inaccurate motion controls when there are nearly 1-1 simulation games on the market

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