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New PlayStation Plus release dates announced, Borderlands 3 adding full cross-play with PlayStation, and God of War: Ragnarok is still on track.
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Sony has announced release dates for the new version of PlayStation Plus, and it’ll…

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  1. My psnow is now expired and my ps+ is set to expire in may 1st
    If i renew both of them
    When the service drops at june 13th
    Should i pay again or not?

  2. I'm content to wait for newer titles to hit PC, so the value of this service to me depends entirely on which classic titles are available to download on PS4.

  3. I tried God of War and I honestly couldn't get into it. It was dull for me and the combat wasn't very exciting. It took forever to wear down even the minor enemies, which got tedious for me.

  4. Wonder where New Zealand/Australia fits into this. No date given for us nor time. Was expecting to see us included in the regions that will be able to get the Platinum tier but I guess we'll be waiting another 1-2 years.

  5. la ps5 promise et jamais dispo a son prix normale, très franchement dans tout les cas, c'est pas très musulman et comme ils sont sur le point de faire disparaître l'homme blanc, si tu veut la ps5 on s'en bats les couilles à un moment

  6. Anyone who hasn’t played God of War (2018) please do, it’s hands down one of the greatest games I’ve ever played! I’m going to replay before the new game too just to get the story fresh in my brain.

  7. Playstation is not fair bruh for creating this playstation plus thing,how are we paying so much money when pc players are not even paying to play online,they get games for free their games are cheap ,xbox and playstation deserve to play online for free,the games can be expensive but as for online gaming its not fair at all

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