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Moss: Book 2 Review

Moss: Book 2 is the follow-up to 2018’s puzzle-platformer that was initially a PSVR exclusive. It’s a charming and visually impressive game where players control a cute mouse named Quill that starts off with a sword. Unlike most traditional PSVR titles, Moss is played using the DualShock 4 controller with the VR headset instead of the antiquated Move Motion Controllers. Quill is controlled normally, but players have a zoomed-out isometric view of Quill and the various environments in this medieval fantasy world.

While it can be a bit blurry at times due to the not-so-powerful specs of the original PSVR headset, Moss: Book 2 still stands out due to the amount of detail in its environments and level design. Quill will go through these puzzle rooms that are essentially tiny dioramas, and players can move their heads around to get a peek at small spaces or to just have a look at the surrounding objects and nature. Being in a fantasy world, players will see intricate castles, lush forests teeming with foliage, decrepit caves, and even a coal and lava-filled factory.
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About 80% of Moss: Book 2’s six-hour length is spent solving puzzles, ranging from just pulling/pushing blocks and light platforming to more intricate gravity-defying stunts. Most of the puzzles fall into the former, being pretty simple and straightforward.

However, there are times when Moss’ puzzles can rack one’s brain, especially when players gain access to the rest of Quill’s arsenal of weapons. She does start out with a sword, which is mainly used to attack enemies at certain times, but later on, players can charge the weapon and use it to quickly dash over long distances, which is way more interesting when used for solving puzzles, and less for combat scenarios. She also gains access to a chakram and a hammer, which can also be charged to perform special maneuvers, opening up the floor for more…


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