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Four Top 20 NFL Draft Picks Wore Custom Call Of Duty Clothing At The Event After MW2 Reveal, CoD: Warzone Season 3 Sniper Nerfs Leaves Some Players Unhappy and Xbox Games With Gold Free Games For May 2022 Revealed. 
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  1. The modern warfare reboot was awesome loved and enjoyed it, now after hearing they are getting involved with the Cartels in MW2 I got even more excited and pumped for this one..I just hope it's just as good as the first or even better

  2. I’ve been pretty jaded on Call of Duty ever since Advanced Warfare, but I really loved the campaign in the new Modern Warfare. I even thought the campaign in the new Black Ops Cold War had some great moments. Both took me back to being completely mind-blown by the first four or five Call of Dutys. I’m hoping they continue to take their time between releases. The difference in quality is very noticeable. So I’m actually looking forward to this.

  3. I hope it feels better and looks better than modern warfare just like how the og mw2 felt compared to the og modern warfare sheeesh its exciting to be a cod fan

  4. never understood why games love nerfing snipers man if you can land a headshot with those I feel like those should always 1 down but body shots ehh yea 😛

  5. Make sure y'all don't have ur high expectations when it drops, u gotta wait 2 months for the bugs to be fixed. Then u can finally have fun.

  6. And that's the exact problem when it comes to games. Instead of showing it off to both critics and fans. They only show it to fans, so therefore things don't change and you get a copy and paste effort/half hashed effort.

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