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MLB The Show 22 Review

Since 2006, MLB The Show has been the driving force in ushering new generations of baseball fans into the gaming world. Like many other sports gaming franchises, San Diego Studio routinely works on minor tweaks to The Show’s game modes to deliver a more polished product, but last year’s installment, MLB The Show 21, changed the face of the game. Although the developers are restricted to one year to get each game ready, they manage to tweak or add new features that hit positive notes with its player base more often than not. The release of MLB The Show 22 is a prime example of a game that changes just enough to keep its fans happy, but falls short of re-creating the magic of its predecessor.

In the months leading up to its release, MLB The Show 22 gave fans the impression that some changes were inbound. While somewhat true, some of the game’s modes have received enhancements, and the broadcast commentary team received an overhaul. This year’s title begins to bleed into what MLB The Show 21 delivered a year before when looking past the cosmetic differences. Despite this, the game is welcoming to both newcomers and veteran players alike and offers multiple experiences through its many gameplay options.
Both offline and online modes offer hours of gaming in one sitting, while the Diamond Dynasty mode remains one of the best sports experiences across all platforms. On the surface, MLB The Show 22 is another baseball game that delivers satisfying gameplay, intricate detail, and beautiful visuals that keep players immersed for long periods of time. The shortcomings, however, are noticeable and can turn off some veterans of the franchise.

All modes from last year’s game are present in MLB The Show 22, but the March To October mode has received some much-needed depth. San Diego Studio has turned the once-fleeting experience into a multi-season game mode in which players can take over a team and play in key moments while…


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