Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga’s refreshed mechanics and gorgeous worlds provide enough incentive to revisit the three trilogies again, despite some repetitive content. Check out the full written review here:…

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  1. 9/10. This game is an improvement on The complete Saga, and that is no debate, that game was my childhood and i played this with my friend just like the good days in 2009 there is some issues like the pacing, but it plays well, it has good humor and has lots to collect and do.

  2. I have never bought any of the LEGO Star Wars games(actually no LEGO video game period). This looks like a fun filled,Star Wars world exploring and battle…um… battling game!

  3. The content doesn’t live up to the potential? You literally play through all nine films
    140 side mission that you will probably never complete and 1000+ kyber bricks puzzles 300+ unlock able characters lol smh 🤦‍♂️

  4. The game has no building???? Like what’s the point in playing? Games like Lego Harry Potter and Indiana Jones all had building and puzzles. Where you with build a bridge or a item etc with the feel good sound. The first 3 levels are soo short with nothing to do, it’s pointless. I don’t play Lego games to just run 🏃‍♂️ and break things I play for puzzle and building. What a let down. Harry Potter Lego is still over the best Lego game I feel with no cheap acting. We never needed voice actors.

  5. My only complaint is the flight controls for the spacecraft right now they're cumbersome to use but if later on battlefield/battlefront flight controls were to be added as an option in the future itd definitely improve those dogfights and space missions

  6. did they just say that the kyber bricks replace the red power bricks?? the data cards replace the power bricks and the kyber bricks replace the gold bricks and function like the white bricks in other Lego titles.

  7. I’m 17 and I can’t believe how much fun I’m having with what is practically a kids game. But it’s so fun and nostalgic from back when I played the Lego complete saga on my wii

  8. I've been watching the cut-scenes and to tell you the truth, I hate it. In the other Lego Star Wars, the cutscenes were parodies of the entire scenes of the movies, but in this new one they come off as cheap re-enactments. Even the voices are direct cuts from the movie editing room. Aside from a few sight-gags there is very little originality in this version.

  9. my biggest issue with new lego games is that they talk instead of grunts kinda looses the charm of the lego games for me but its probably more me problem than games problem

  10. I appreciate the time you put in doing the review, but do you really have to put that many scenes or Easter eggs in your video? I would’ve liked to have found some of those on my own. Guess I’ll be skipping reviews from now on.

  11. I’m around 70% completion with about half the kyber bricks found and this game is just meh. instead of the open world kyber bricks they should have put all that attention into the levels. (Which are by far the laziest designs in any Lego game I’ve played). The prequels levels felt like a stab in the heart after playing them as they were given the least attention out of all 9 films

  12. Gosh this games great! And a lot better that I thought it would be, I grew up on the original Lego trilogy, now I can play this with my nephew's when they visit next, please do Lego Rogue One and Solo! Gosh that'll be sweet, A Lego Indiana Jones sectology would be awesome too! Would makes sense to do seeing a new Indiana Jones movie will be out sometime whenever, life's pretty lousy atm so this is perfect to break the tedium of it

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