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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review Discussion – Is It Worth Buying?

LEGO Star Wars is back with The Skywalker Saga, covering the nine films in ways only LEGO can. But is it any good? Join Reiner and Stadnik as they discuss their review impressions and let you know if the new title is worth buying!

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  1. They should have done bonus stages for the side movies like lego avengers did. Plus the clone wars theatre film would have got us captain rex and more clone wars cast! Also a holiday special bonus stage would have been funny.

  2. Looks like this is the PS5 footage, does the game use the DualSense in any interesting ways? Currently re playing GTA V and it’s got some nice little touches regarding the controller

  3. Y’all acting like this is a kids game. Yeah kids play but a shit ton of adults will too. I’m 32 and married and I can’t wait lol.

  4. I've never played a Lego game but I think I need to get this. I really enjoy seeing universes I love get done differently.

  5. I would wait for a patch on PS5 and Series X. It needs an FOV slider. No reactive Foliage and the time it takes for items and footprints and tracks to disappear is far too short. It's like 5 seconds after you walk they fade away lol . It spoils the presentation a lot. If you had aspirations of writing your name in the sand/snow then think again.

  6. Do not subscribe to the digital magazine for GI! I subscribed for a year and got just one issue. Described the situation to their customer support and even showed receipt of the payment. Refused a refund. Then I looked at the reviews, and they are filled with people experiencing the same problem with no customer response.

  7. Is it worth the money, YES! Is it amazingly different, NO. One city on Naboo is the same size as the whole of Marvel Superheroes 2. BIG levels. A lot of quests helping out the locals which was always the best part of the games anyway.

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