Check out the announcement trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV as well as some trailers to celebrate the 20th anniversary for the series.

0:00 Intro
4:04 Kingdom Hearts IV Reveal Trailer

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  1. Of course sora is going to look more like a final fantasy character. That's what his original design was based off from and to improve the quality of graphics. He has more detail than he has ever had in the series. Now him fighting a giant monster in a city that looks to be apart of Tokyo. It's a different shift for sure the game will explain this. Alot of people giving this game flack and it has not released yet. I can't bash it until I play it.

  2. I was such a huge fan of kingdom hearts when it came out, especially 2. There was nothing like it. I was 18 when Kingdom Hearts 2 came out and 33 O think when Kingdom Hearts 3 came out and it just wasn't as good.

    I didn't like all the Final Fantasy character were relegated to DLC.

    Hopefully this game brings me back to the fold

  3. what if, now hear me out, what if that’s just soras special outfit for this world. quadratum seems like it’s based on the real world, our world. so perhaps this is soras “normal person” outfit. it would make me a bit happier if that’s the case, because i miss his clown shoes. :’(

  4. You know… after looking at Sora and Xehanort's faces… they've got quite similar looks, except for the eyes. I wonder if that's purposeful (assuming I'm not spewing nonsense).

  5. I truly believe that the next arc of KH games will be in Square Enix Worlds. Disney will be still there, just for cutscenes and more lore. Sora is in ‘the world ends with you’ world aka Quantum. 104 shibuya tower in the KH3 secret ending says it all. Riku is looking for Sora. Riku is in the world that Yozora is in. Heavily implies that Riku is in world of Final Fantasy 15. Or something very similar. Mark my words. What are y’all’s thoughts on this?

  6. Only spent 15 years after KH2 to release the disappointment that was KH3. If you want this to actually work, you might actually have to put some creativity into it.

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  9. Ok so unpopular opinion here (I think, I haven’t read the comments much) that dude that looks like Sora: if it is sora then his new “design” really doesn’t suit him. I’m not trashing on the mechanics or even the design in of itself, just that it doesn’t fit him. It makes him look weird. But as I said it’s just my opinion and I get if people disagree. As I also said, in don’t dislike the design, I just don’t think it suits Sora (or Kairi).

  10. I know this is subject to change, but, here we finally have an instance of the Master of Masters finally directly acknowledging Sora's presence in the chain of events. After everything Sora's accomplished so far, now he has to deal with a being that's already lit about the future.

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