Here's What Other Games Should Steal From Elden Ring

From Software’s games have always had a somewhat niche audience, but with the release of Elden Ring, the size of that audience seems to have exploded. The Soulsborne formula works exceedingly well when applied to the template for open-world…

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  1. Calling it "stealing" is kinda unfair. More like "get inspired by". When devs steal from other devs it's never a good sign.

  2. Elden Ring feels like an actual adventure. You may know the destination but you don't know what you will find on the way. It also has clever way of telling you that you might not be ready for the next boss. Stake of Marika far from a boss? Boss will be hard so you might want to come extra prepared. Also it only gates you off certain areas to advance the story. Think you have the skill to go to this area? OK here's a field boss or an enemy that's kind of annoying to test that out. There's so many little clever ways the game teaches you how to play. It also doesn't punish you for playing how you want to play. It just gives you a a bar to overcome but gives you all the tools needed.

  3. This game is amazing……first game in a long time I’ve actually stuck with without losing interest. It’s beyond massive, I have 80 hours in and only at 22% completion rate….mind you half of that was probably on YouTube trying to figure out what to do lol the lore is fascinating and it’s incredibly challenging….people looking for or worried about a difficulty setting….just look up hacks lol

  4. Nah. I like my games easy and straightforward, thank you. Like, if anything, Elden Ring needs to have an easier mode for us filthy casuals. Like a difficulty slider and most especially save states.

  5. yes, I do agree other games need to learn from elden ring, however elden ring is significantly light on story and character compared to other open world games, and it primarily interact with its world via combat. this means the game has more "space" for great random boss fights, as opposed to other games that need to worry about in depth story telling, dialogue trees and character development and finding alternative methods to resolve quests. the next step in open world should be having both intricate random combat and non combat events scattered throughout the map.

  6. Your're not wrong BUT it's not just the field bosses. What makes Elden Ring so good is that you then also aren't locked into these encounters, Torrent is as close as a Get out of Jail free card, or rather get away from the boss card as From Software will ever give the player, and means you are never locked into fighting said field boss. So you don't need to fear areas you aren't ready for yet because Torrent can outrun pretty much any aggro in the game. If in another game you encountered a big enemy that would be that, either you're in for a long fight or death or have to go the pure stealth route which also takes time but here you're got more choices.

  7. This guy really missed the mark. Field bosses are cool at first but the lack of variety fade late game. The most important take away from Elden ring should be the risk and fear of death and the lack of micro transactions to distract you from the experience. Of all the open world games in the last and current gen, Elden Ring is the only game where everything, all the content, came with the purchase price. You literally can not name a single AAA open world game without this “feature”.

  8. Yes if other open-world game start doing this where you can't find your NPCs where there's no Mission markers I will not be playing open world games

  9. If other open World Games start doing this I will not be playing them losing NPCs and no Mission markers I'm only dealing with it with Elden ring I do not want to see this become a standard whatsoever

  10. One extra thing to add on to your point about field bosses. On top of the health bar and music, players also know that killing the boss is a one time affair. There is a sense of anticipated relief after killing the boss, receiving the rune payout and never having to deal with the boss again.

    Contrast that to other games, these giant creatures might just respawn again, making it less special. Also, a lot of these bosses have unique and varied abilities, so you’re always kept on your toes, not knowing what kind of attacks they might have

  11. And with regards to the quests, I wonder if there’s a solution in between, the vague instructions with no tracking of elden ring and the overly specific in your face waypoints and objectives of most AAA open world games.

    Maybe it’s something like receiving the NPC quest, having it in the log/ objective menu, but only a simple description of where to go with no waypoints?

    I’m not really sure, maybe someone else could pitch hypothetical examples of a good in between

  12. Elden Ring's single most important aspect is bringing back MYSTERY to an adventure, this is what should inspire other devs.

  13. Allow players to explore, create meaningfull surprises and events so people can share their experience.
    I am however really not a fan of the massive amount of boss reuse, catacombs that looks and feel the same and overly hidden quest steps.

  14. Skyrim: "This series should probably have dragons in it by now, right? So here's a huge dragon first thing! But run away, you don't actually fight it until later."
    Elden Ring: "Here's a huge dragon first thing!"
    So, is it gonna fly away and hang out on some roost until I'm more powerful and can fight it?
    Elden Ring: "No. It's just here now."

  15. As an introvert, random bosses in the open world is like me going to the mall and running into a classmate back from highschool.

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