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Halo Series Episode 4 Review – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Join us on The Game Informer Show as we review “Homecoming,” the fourth episode in the Halo series, and let you know if it continues to build on the success of the previous episode.

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  1. Boring filler episode and I don't care about Madrigold at all.

    You know, I thought of a way they could maybe save madrigol as a storyline: what if by the end of episode 7 or something the rebels fight back and they win over Madrigol back, and right after Sorin leaves, the covenant come in and blast the entire planet making it all for nothing anyway lol. By killing off all these major and minor characters and also showing that fighting over a bullshit planet means nothing to the covenant could really help show how big of a threat they are.
    Only Sorin should live

  2. Your point about the lack of stakes is really interesting. It's one of the reason I think why I hate Kwan and her story so much, because it doesn't matter at all. There are aliens, ultra powerfull aliens (which ARE the ones who killed her father but somehow she forgot), who can glass entire planets and exterminate ALL humans if you don't stop them, and you care about your stupid rebellion???? If ONE covenant ship land on your planet again and the spartans aren't there, you're f**ked!

  3. I'm liking the show more than the cast, but Kwan's screentime should be cut way down. There must [better] be some purpose for her, but right now her motivations dont even make sense. Halsey, Chief, The Covenant and silver team are interesting but not enough is happening with them.

  4. I'd have condensed Kwan's scenes for much shorter, and replace most of her scenes with Makee. Makee is a far more interesting character than Kwan.

  5. Who tf cares about kwans plotline i mean that plotline fecking has nothing to do with halo in any way ……whats the point of that character in a halo series ….

  6. Yeah i can see what's going to happen with Kwans story, what's going to happen to Mandrigal, that was already foreshadowed. And it's cool, but right now it's boring.

  7. It’s pissing me off E V E R Y T I M E he takes off his helmet! I literally had to explain to my mom, how yes that’s master chief; but when he takes off his helmet that’s not him! 😭

  8. This adaptation of Halo is offensive, to take such a beloved IP and butcher it with such a lack of effort or understanding, its like they knew it was doomed so they made it as bad as they possibly could cause the only way people would watch it is if it was a absolute viral level trainwreck, i got paramount plus for free to watch this and after this episode i decided to cancel because i dont want to support this, they literally said no well just give you another month for free, this is late stage capitalism

  9. Kwan takes up less than 10% of the story. These guys are clowns. Her acting is on par with the chiefs. Spartans took their helmets off the time in the books. And you see John's face in his youth in the games.

  10. Well, I'm remaining open minded about the show even though I've read all books and played all games. I don't mind a new take on the Halo lore and I'm enjoying the show. It's unfortunate that the GI team is not enjoying it and finding the show laughable. But I respect your opinion but cannot bear to watch your reviews.

  11. When the covenant were going to Madrigal Kwan and Soren's story was interesting. Now it is nothing. Soren at least has a cool revolver. This has been a very slow build kind of like Book of Boba Fett. Hopefully next episode has more action.

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