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Halo Series Episode 3 Review – Cortana Saves The Day

We’re back with another review of the Halo series! Join Stadnik, Reiner, and Shea as they give you their thoughts on Emergence, the third episode of the new series from Paramount Plus. Did this week’s show shake off the funk of the second entry?…

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  1. I'm really enjoying it and so is my wife. Once you get over the fact that it's a different timeline/continuity and accept that, it's pretty cool and fun. There's a lot of potential for really cool stuff to happen later in the season to surprise long time fans.

  2. You know I'm really tired. Of characters that used to be European they keep getting changed the actor that plays Master Chief in this show is a Jew. They keep changing ethnicities of characters to make everyone feel accepted they keep changing everything I'm really getting sick and tired of multiculturalism and communism and festering the the United States. The show is brainwashing everyone and to think that this is how Master Chief is but it's not true Master Chief is a European I'm really getting tired of communism but if I speak out or say anything I'm labeled racist when racism doesn't exist the term racism. Was made up by a Bolshevik Jew by the name of Leon Trotsky he was a communist he made up the term in order to manipulate people. And I'm getting tired of seeing characters that I grew up with their ethnicity is changed to suit someone else's and it's just sick to watch you know why Master Chief was such a good character. It was because everyone related to him regardless if they were a different race than him because when they saw this problems they realized that they understood what he was feeling because I grew up with him you didn't have to be the same race as I'm done to understand him that's what brought us together with this awesome character and now they're changing everything and it's so annoying to watch it they're changing characters and God of war they're changing characters and Spider-Man they're changing characters and Lord of the rings they keep changing characters all over and it's so sad to watch it imagine everyone. 70 years from now people are going to be born and they're never going to think that Master Chief was ever a European they're going to think he was a Jew they're going to look at Spider-Man and thought that Spider-Man was always black they're going to think that black people always in Lord of the rings they're going to look at god of war and think God of war was always about black people cuz they're forcing black people into it this is dangerous you're forcing this stuff in our society and it's going to twist our society and it's going to screw it up but if Europeans stand up for their heritage for anything in this country besides video games or movies we're labeled as racists and it's so stupid to watch it Europeans are being forced down in our own society and it's happening all over the United States but people don't want to talk about it because if they talk about it they'll be thrown out of their job they'll be thrown out of their business because blacks and other races in this country have so much privilege than if anyone messes with them they lose everything which is ridiculous because this country is a white Nation the longer I live the more I just keep seeing my nation fall further and further away I just wish more people would talk about it but I guarantee you two won't allow it cuz after all white people are evil right smell like white people invented everything in this country and we keep inventing every everything but I'm a racist right ?

  3. im amazed this went over peoples heads. They didnt see anything in her. They were tracking something that the forerunner artifact they were holding was reacting too. It was her. That is the only reason she was taken. As for the needle, no its her actual brain. They suck the entire thing out and basically use the synapsis to develop cortana

  4. Like cortana's portrayal best part of episode 3 surprisingly. but don't like that they keep stripping down master chief to make him more annoying and rude. Not the serious and mature chief maybe he will become that person.

    Don't like the little girl's sideplot, Don't know how it relates to the halo universe. Feels like influenced by the expanse same with the unsc.

    And the logic of the show is sometimes crap with a unsc ship getting boarded without them scanning for worm, reminds me of the flood.

    More action scenes And less weird kissing scenes And less creepy assistant.

  5. Loving these reviews. These discussions do a great job of highlighting the abundance of missed opportunities and mistakes of this show. I didn't even consider a show not starring Chief, but that's a great idea! They'd have the freedom to tell their own stories without dumping on the canon story.

    They could've gone just about any way they wanted with the story and structure, and yet somehow made the most boring safe, and above all stupid choices.

  6. The main thing that concerns me, is I can barely even tell if it’s all out war and the covenant is glassing as a policy yet

  7. I have a huge issue with this show. I don't mind they are choosing to take the story a different way. or choosing to add in elements that aren't there from the books or games. But this show gets the core of the characters so wrong and does not honor what the franchise has established. This show kind of slaps halo fans in the face. I take real issue with kwan's story line (couldn't care what happens to her or Soren); I don't even understand where they are taking the beach blonde women (who the covenant are totally going to discard). This show would have been better told between the time Chief gets his armor (2525), and the time the find the first halo ring (2552). So much opportunity there!

  8. I hope we see much more of the Covenants in the future. The main appeal of a Halo show to me is the fight between Spartans and aliens. If you don't have the budget to put the aliens in, don't do Halo.

  9. Honestly, I love your podcast but you guys need a serious opposing opinion on this panel. I’m not saying the show is 10/10 amazing but it’s not a disgusting pile of crap hellbent on insulting the Halo franchise either. It’s becoming an unlistenable bummer listening to you guys nit pick e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e decision the show runners make. It would be nice to invite someone on who actually is enjoying the show for what it is so there is some contrast to the overhaul of insults for what it is not.

    It’s like watching the cool kids trying to be cool because a few guys made some jokes about something and now it’s all they can talk about.

    Sure there are questionable decisions made but don’t forget people might actually like it more than they hate it.

    Again, love you guys. I’m not saying everything has to be positive but when you talk about the negative some nuance would go a long way.

  10. The way they inject Cortana into him… meh… the way she looks… meh… pff. Is it really that hard to copy all the books,cinematics and games? At least a little bit?

  11. I've been watching each episode twice, I always enjoy it more the second time. It also seems like you've missed the point with makee being saved by the Elites, she's able to activate forerunner devices, that thing the Elites are carrying is used in the OG lore to find forerunner artifacts. In the shows canon it's to find "reclaimers". In the OG canon that's all humans, in this canon it's select humans.

  12. I'm loving the show. I also love your show as well. I know we things very differently but I like your opinion even if it's really different from mine.

  13. I think what they should have done is since this is a silver timeline and it's different, they should have made this Spartan a member of Noble Team and they should have shown the fall of Reach. Then at the end of the first season, the mission fails, the Pillar of Autumn is destroyed and its crew dies along with Master Chief who is in stasis onboard. In season two this new Spartan who is the star of the show has to step up and fill Master Chief's shoes in this new timeline. Now the showrunners have to earn our trust and make us love and respect this new character like we do Master Chief. I also think that they should have trimmed down the Covenant and made them less of the main threat, made them a little less technologically superior and a little less numerous. Then make their religious doctrine and their refusal to make their own Super-Soldiers like the Spartans be their main downfall and the reason why the human race has a chance against them. Then later make the flood the real threat. Maybe even have the flood arrive during a big climactic battle between the UNSC and Covenant where they nearly wipe out the Covenant fleet. That could be the end of season two, a cliffhanger where the UNSC is in full retreat from an overwhelming force of a Flood invasion.

  14. Episode 4 we will finally get another battle scene. It will have more of the first person view from the helmet HUD and Master Chief will look down at his armored hands covered in blood and be like "What have I become?" Then Cortana will learn emotions through seeing Master Chief grieving and will slowly start to empathize with humans. Master Chief will cry and Cortana will put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him and then they will fu… o wait this isn't a porn parody…

  15. I fear everyone on the panel is wrong about MAKEE being selected by the Elites because they pointed a GUN at her and she didn't blink.


    The other elite says BEHIND HER*, but the main elite says that *SHE IS THE ONE they are looking for.

  16. Cortana makes no sense in this world. She's an implant in cheifs brain that can physically manifest in the real word when she wants to talk.

  17. You know? It’s crazy how, in the books, the UNSC freely used clones as scapegoats when abducting children for the spartan project, usually causing “accidents” leading to the clone’s desths in order to curb suspicion

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