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Halo Series Episode 2 Review – Going In The Wrong Direction

Did the Halo Series just take a step back? Join us on this bonus episode of The GI Show where we discuss what we thought of the second episode of the long-awaited Paramount Plus Show.

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  1. Most series have episodes with just talking and lore it’s not bad because it has no combat it maybe a filler episode that’s why people should stop doing reviews on individual episodes and wait till the end of the series

  2. Be careful CBS is going to copyright. Strike you for disliking what they're doing with Halo. I'm very upset at the direction it's been going, the choices that are being made, and yet I was willing to watch it till the end. Them blocking and removing reviews as completely turned me away

  3. It is so cool to hate on something that everyone hates. If you say you don't hate microsoft you need to be honest with yourself. Let's go with the crowd huh. You have to gather your own identity to compete with IGN. I'm just saying bro.

  4. I thought it was good. I mean I will look at this as in they introduce "The Characters " slow start let's keep going haha. ??

  5. I love these reviews. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I wish the video game adaptation movies/TV shows would just play it safe, and stick rigidly to the material. It's the same problems with nearly every one.

    They seem to think that by following specific rules and models for making film/TV they will appeal to the most audiences. I think they'd be better off making movies/TV similar to The Raid Redemption, Judge Dredd remake, or Die Hard. These games that are based on movies are so action packed, but the adaption itself ends up mostly about characters conversation and plot.

    TLDR; Put all the budget and entire focus on action scenes and lots of them and a lot of these adaptations are fixed.

    I'd love a copy paste of the Halo: Fall of Reach book in TV form.

  6. Also why is master chiefs team silver team? It should be blue team. And I don’t even wanna talk about cortana

  7. People should always have there expectations set, they said months ago it was its own timeline and story and a lot of people didnt let that sink . Honestly the show is ok , Im just watching to see where it goes on its own and the elites are cool to me.

  8. I've not watched Halo yet, saw the interview where they said they didn't look at the source material and it's put me off.

  9. I kind of like how the Halo hardos don't like the show. I like it. Episode 2 was definitely slower but I think they are setting it up for some good story to come

  10. I was pulling my hair out for most of the episode. The only solace is that it felt, by the end, that they were actually going somewhere interesting finally. It has potential, but it's a rough start. I'm ready to wait out maybe 2 more episodes but if they are like this one I'm done.

  11. Come on we all know where the dumbass craters of this show got the name of that one planet magical from they've been watching encanto too much

  12. I'm not a Halo guy but the way people talk about Chief and the helmet reminds me of the DmC devil May cry reboot with the hair.

    When you change something established to appeal to broad audience you have a much higher chance of disappointing everyone.

  13. Really enjoying the show. I have played a few of the games, guess I'm not a "die hard", and after listening to these guys I'm glad I'm not. They seem to think they own a piece of Halo and the criticism doesn't seem fair. Review what the show is, not what you want or expected it to be. This convo was cringe.

  14. I thought they may be setting up Makee as the Chief biological sister and whatever their parents were working in link to that artifact.

  15. I know they hate putting people in helmets/masks… but it worked for batman, and iron man wore his helmet most of the time.. theres gotta be a way to make it work.

  16. He didn't go there to find out about the artifact that was just a magic plot convenience that sorren just happened to know a guy who happened to escape the covenant but not before he happened to learn all the covenant secrets.

    Not mention how he just happened to know where sorren was 20 after he escaped.

  17. I unsubscribed after episode one. I saw enough to know exactly what direction it’s going. Chief taking off his helmet reminds me of Disney Wars when Kylo Ren removed his cool looking helmet in the process destroying the mystery. It’s the same with Chief. Kudos to those that have the stomach to watch more of this BS. ✌️

  18. To be honest I've been playing Halo since the original released and I have no idea what the story is other than master chief kills aliens. The show is fun enough, and it feels like it's going somewhere. If the biggest criticisms are its differences from the games, I'm fine with that.

  19. My God this episode was bad and disappointing. The only highlight for me was chief character growth and Halsey relationships and putting her job on the line for her work. Also mentioned of the rings themselves. I hope episode 3 is better.

  20. I've watch porn parodies which were more canonically coherent in Halo lore with better writing and acting. Purely for educationally purposes obviously…

  21. I find it so funny that people are hung up on Master Chief revealing himself, when the show is CLEARLY about JOHN! Look at the show… it's not about some Chief running and gunning, solely. It has little to do with that side of Chief. This show is clearly about John's journey through his humanity. The dude has been pretty much numb this entire time. Emotions are new to him.

  22. I enjoyed it personally. As a long time halo fan who's read all the books and am really familiar with the canon, I don't dislike the direction personally. Enjoyed both episodes more on the second viewing. Him being out of his armour isn't that big of a deal for me, he's not always in his armour in the books either. I generally like the detection of them humanizing cheif personally. I think it's pretty sad. I hope it pays off and doesn't go too far but what they've shown so far I think is well acted and it's some of my favourite parts of the universe. The darkness of the Spartan program and I've always wanted to see John come closer to terms with that.

    I do wish he had his helmet on more in the areas where he could be threatened.

  23. I'm loving the show, I know the die hard fans hate it, but as someone who played the games but wasn't crazy about it, hope it keeps going. BTW I understand the helmet thing.

  24. The review was on point, i felt just about everything that was said except for the smiley face stamp. I quiet frankly wasnt paying attention to notice it during this snoozer 2nd episode. Hoping for better next episode.

  25. I have no problem with him being out if armour. I have a problem with how they didn't even try. They didn't try to be faithful at all. To the games or books. They took the characters names and looks and just told their own stories that Hollywood wanted to tell. I don't mind a bit if deviation. But at least try to be 80% + accurate. This is like 10% accurate. What's this teenager ridding along with a military leader CW television bullshit!?. What's with this human bad girl that would never happen when the Covenant want to genocide all humans. They think they are scum and are an affront to their religion. This show is garbage Hollywood relationship CW television writing. And they spent $100million on this shit!

  26. master chief should have acted more like john wick, emotional in a restrained stoic way with very few words said around anyone besides the other Spartans. but the actor they chose to play him is more robotic than lopez from Red vs Blue

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