Halo Infinite Forge Delay Explained, Campaign Co-op Still Missing | GameSpot News

343 Industries share new details about Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves and explain the lengthy delay or Forge. 
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In the new season, which launches May 3, 343 is adding new maps: Catalyst and Breaker. The new…

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  1. If the map creation is able to be used effectively they should release that and have whatever else they have in store wait to be finished. They need community made maps because clearly they need the help if 2 is all they got for 6 months

  2. The campaign was a big disappointment for me too. Sure its core gameplay loop was pretty fun I guess and the first half of the story was pretty interesting. Other than that it was the most bland, generic, repetitive open world experience ive had in a long time. I hope in the future when they release campaign co op that they also release some sort of Firefight mode which uses sectioned off portions of the open world, I actually loved firefight.

  3. You can only wonder what Bungie would have done with the success of reaches great engine, campaign, invasion, forge world and co-op. I'm heartbroken what 343i has done. Kiki wolfkill is to blame.

  4. Haven't been able to play campaign coop with my son since Halo 4. So far Halo Infinite is indicating that it is in a race to the the bottom and surpassing Halo 5.

  5. 343 shouldn't make Halo anymore tbh, it should go to another developer, sadly Microsoft doesn't look at it like that and only looks at $$$

  6. I'm coming back in a decade or so, y'all can stay if you want but I'm here to play the game in it's completed state not this half finished thing.

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