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Game Infarcer: Rock Paper Scissors Review – Best Game Ever (4K)

2022 is filled with excellent titles, but can anything compare to Rock Paper Scissors. Join GI for our comprehensive review of what may be the greatest game ever created.

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  1. Graphics – 10/10 HUD/UI – 0/10 – I don't even find a way to see my stats! What is this? How can I brag about my K/D Ratio without stats to prove it?

  2. Honestly I get how people are loving this game and all but personally I found the lacking in customisation options a little disappointing along with the AI in single player was a little off.

    Don't get me wrong I liked it but I felt this game should have been delayed to squash out these few issues.

  3. I already pre ordered the $120.00 Super Ultimate God Tier Gold Digital Deluxe Day One Edition. And have started saving money for the microtransactions and season passes. This game is really a no brainer for me.


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